To Be Is To Feel


To Be is To Feel

What You Feel is What You Become!

No Feeling, No Healing

Did you feel the effects of the full moon last night?  Or maybe you are resistant to feeling?  The past cannot continue forever a change is inevitable.  Be prepared to feel again!  The illumination of the full moon illuminates the feelings that you have been depressing for far too long!  No feeling no healing it’s time to heal the love trauma’s of the past.  The only feeling that was supported in the past was to feel pain and sexual pleasure.  What happen to the rest of your feelings?  The moon has a frequency that illuminates your feelings.  That is why during full moon illumination you feel more and it can be overwhelming.  You may use drugs, drink, hurt yourself, or use sex to eliminate feeling these feelings.  In the energy of today, you are beginning to open to know yourself and let these feelings surface.  This allows for a happier healthier life!

This is a lively exciting time for all of us.  There is more clarity in our relationships and that includes the relationship with the self!  Be prepared to feel emotionally stable again because of your clarity.  However, be aware for in the clarity you see what you have been hiding from or putting aside and procrastinating for another day.  No longer will you be able to put things off again, the past cannot continue forever, a change is inevitable.

With this clarity coming from the full moon energies you find yourself speaking your truth.  When you speak your truth you feel a release of old baggage that no longer serves you.  The most difficult thing you will face from this moment forward is the adversity of others choosing to stay in the past.  I encourage you to focus on your truth and let go of others truth so that everyone can choose to be where they choose to be.  Emotional stability and standing in your truth can easily be followed by a big argument if you want one.  This means do not push your own truths onto others unless you are choosing a negative experience.  This can be an old way of being that is ready to be release in order to experience a happier healthier life. 
Choose to honor the truth of others for it is not your truth.  This means do not take others personally when they are in a negative place and reflecting their negativity and fears onto you!

Remember, love yourself more today than you did yesterday and be in a place of forgiveness.  Forgiving yourself and others also means receiving forgiveness from yourself and others.  For giving and receiving is your natural state of being, everything is being circulated not stagnated!  Forgiveness will benefit you more than those you forgive!

Forgiveness will breathe new breath into thy life and clarity restored. ~ Cynthia Gardner O’Neill

If you’ve been living in fear, worry, doubt, and disaster consciousness it is time to set yourself free and move into a loving consciousness.  If your fear, worry, and doubts are built around the pain of love, fearing being deeply hurt, a loss of a love one, or being punished by a loved one for being who you are, then join me in loving consciousness where you can learn how to eliminate the traumas of the past that have kept you from being in a state of love.

As long as you separate yourself from loving yourself you will always be looking for something to fulfill what is missing or hurting inside of you.  What is missing is the source energy love frequency, S.E.L.F.!

Allow me to be of loving service to you!  I am an Illuminator of Love and a Harmonizer of Life because of my soul’s journey to find out how love affects each and every one of us.  I have extensive experiences, training, certifications, degrees, and education on this very subject, Love!  How can I have this kind of education?  Everything that I am is based on Love!  That is the forgotten S.E.L.F.!

Contact me today and get to know your S.E.L.F., Source Energy Love Frequency within you.  It’s time to get high on S.E.L.F.!

Do you want to know more about your S.E.L.F.?  Let’s talk.  Schedule a free loving service talk.  Open up today, Love is there waiting for you and has always been there.  Harmonize with Love, Love transforms consciousness!