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See The Gift in Every Moment

When you begin to move into releasing the thoughts and truths of others and standby your own, there comes a time when you say, “I do not care what other people think of me.”  This carries a heavy load.
The human heart is a caring heart even speaking these words when you don’t mean them or not caring can create disharmony. It is good and important to begin to be responsible for your own life and allow others to do the same. This is a caring action that releases the strings that pull on your heart due to over caring or thoughtless caring. It creates a coherent or harmonizing frequency between individuals. It sets you free allowing you and others to be who you are standing in your own truth.

I have had some wonderful experiences with people who have transitioned from this world and entered into the energy of life.  One of the main experiences that I have been given is about sadness.  Every spirit has explained to me that no one wants to be the reason for someone’s sadness.  Sadness actual has no benefit to anyone.  In fact, it is quite the opposite.  It carries energy of negativity and separates you from love.  As long as you are saddened by something you are holding the energy of something being wrong.  This sadness causes discordance and it can carry the energy of guilt with it.  Sadness also carries energy of co-dependency.  If things are not a certain way your happiness and joy is dependent on the outcome of something outside of you to be a certain way in order for you to be happy.

I am going to give three examples of experiences with sadness:

  1.  Death:  I explain to my children to never be sad when I transition or what many of us call die/death.  I know that life is eternal and I ask my children to celebrate my life, be happy within them for I do not want to be their reason for being unhappy.  However, I understand that they will mourn the physical relationship we had and we can still connect in a new way when we stay connect within our hearts, happy and joyous for the love we have!
  2. Illness:  When a loved one is ill many of us begin to focus on the illness and we forget that there are more things well about this person than their illness.  We become sad that they are having a difficult time with their illness and it becomes a struggle to be happy around these people.  I have had the opportunity to provide loving service for several terminal ill people.  Each one of these people has told me that the hardest thing for them is seeing their family members suffering because of their illness.  The guilt brings them more pain than their illness because they blame themselves for the family’s sadness.
  3. Seeing disharmony in the world: We all experience disharmony in the world, a feeling of “How can this be?”  Poverty, war, murder, racism, greed, and more can bring us into that place of sadness.  I ask you a powerful question, “How does sadness help change the world?”  It doesn’t, it just holds the frequency of disharmony. Recently, I watch a movie called “One Peace at a Time”, it is a movie about a messed-up world and how we can fix it. You can watch for free on Hulu.   I loved the core of this movie as they traveled all over the world to many places that were having difficult times but instead they were looking for what was right in the world.  In every place of discordance you will find good if you look for the good even amongst the most difficult situation.  That is what I encourage each and every one of you to do.  Look for the good in the world and you will experience more of that.  My heart is happy to know that there is compassion in this world.  Far more than we would think.

 When you look for the compassion in this world you will find more of that and you will rise above the dis-empowering feeling of sadness.  Realize that bringing happiness, peace, and joy into the world will transform the world into a higher consciousness, a loving consciousness.  Sadness only holds the energy of discordance.  It is time to harmonize that discordance as you become responsible for your happiness and joy so that you can help others feel the same.
I no longer react to the emotions of others because they are not mine. This doesn’t mean I do not care, in truth it is the opposite.  I care enough to be peace within myself and hold the space in my heart all is well.  I have faith that everything is in order meaning everyone that is in this moment with me is receiving a gift. It can come as a life lesson, a change of heart, an epiphany, or inspiration.  No matter what the circumstances all experiences are a divine gift.  I AM love and life.  I choose to see the gift in every moment and it is.  Seeing the gift in every moments helps you transcend sadness and you to bring your gifts into the world that only you can bring.


“When you see the gift in every moment, every moment becomes a gift”

~ Cynthia Gardner O’Neill


From Cynthia With Love!

Cynthia Gardner O’Neill – Spiritual Coach | Wellness Educator | Intuitive Healer |