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Feminine Wisdom, Mother Nature

Feminine Wisdom, Mother Nature   During the first Full Moon in 2013 I dream of loving consciousness.  That day I created a loving consciousness flower essence blend.  This blend is based in Diamond water and the flower essence created with divine beauty of Colorado’s state flower, Columbine.  This Columbine essence was created during the summer […]


Self Love Saves Lives

Self Love Saves Lives! Be the Love that YOU are!   How can I learn to be more unconditional with my love?  Redefine Judgment! Conditional love comes from judgment; judgment of yourself and others.  Judgment is the original sin or mistake that humanity made separating us from God, Creator, Source, Love, Allah, or whatever you […]


Changing With Ease, Even In Difficult Times

Changing With Ease, Even In Difficult times Changing With Ease, Even in Difficult Times Chapter 1 Download and Share this first Chapter of Changing With Ease, Even in Difficult times by clicking the link above and throughout this article! Download a preview of my first chapter of a series of books about ease. Share and […]