My To Be List

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What I Have Come Here To BE….Words May Lie

Loving Consciousness

I have made a list of what I have come here to this world to Be.  The state of my being is loving consciousness.  My Beingness is love in action.  Can I Be of Loving service to YOU?  The “To Be List” is not in any specific order.  What it is…is a list that I have created for myself and You to become and be the life you LOVE! 

Being the life YOU LOVE is why you are here.  When you make your own “To Be List” you will become the life you love!  Glenda Green, my mentor and guide in union with love say’s, “Life is Love in Action”.  You are that action.  Be Love, because YOU ARE!

My To Be List

1. To Be joy, enthusiasm, and gratitude with life

 2. To be a teacher, educator, modelling, and inspiring others to become desirous of living the fullness and wholeness of who they are to be; through new leading edge science and technology, spirituality, coaching, communication skills and energy wellness.

 3. To Be an open body, heart, and soul to receive information that is of service for the highest good and revitalize the human spirit.

 4. To Be love touching people’s hearts through the radiating of my divine I am Presence.

 5. To Be Unity amongst diverse people

 6. To Be healing the great divide and judgment people have with themselves and others

 7. To be a healer restoring wholeness and releasing separatism from love.

 8. To Be encouragement, support, and hold up the mirror and have the courage to have the mirror held up to me

 9. To Be the light, to support the light and through my actions, thoughts, and feelings, move each day into the light

 10. To Be the image of my Divine Christ Self in every thought, word, and deed

 11. To Be love working with groups of people large and small

 12. To Be innocent perception with children, the hungry, the traumatized, to feed their souls and be a catalyst for change in places rich and poor

 13. To Be taught and to grow more than I can know at this time

 14. To Be honored in my own adventure as well as honor the adventure of others

 15. To Be great wealth sharing and supporting my to Be list and hearts desire to becoming manifest

 16. To Be of Loving Service, the state of my being, let it BE LOVE!

 There are only infinite possibilities. If you can imagine it, so it is.

 “Imagination is a necessity, it is the key to coming attractions” ~ Albert Einstein

 What is Your To BE List?

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