Raising Consciousness


Raising Consciousness

Overcoming Obstacles

Raising ConsciousnessDo you believe in Miracles?

If you do, Do you know the Recipe for Miracles?

“Every act of love raises the vibration of all the energy in the multiverse.”  ~ Anonymous


Life is so full of miracles.  In fact, miracles are the daily experiences you have in life.  I asked my beloved partner yesterday, “Can you imagine having everything your heart desires right now? Now, can you feel what that feels like?”

He answers me with a “Yes, it feels good.”

I replied back to him, “Did you know you have a choice to feel this way in every moment?  If you can feel it right now just by imagining it, you can create and be happy in every moment.  The state of your being, let it be love!  This love comes from being grateful for what you already have. When you begin to understand that you are the creator of what you feel, you discover the ingredients that are in the recipe for your own miracles.”

This conversation came from my beloved dealing with a very painful and difficult experience.  His state of being of choice was pain and hardship and his vibration was expressing this into our relationship.  This choice was unhealthy for himself, the environment, and the people who shared the environment with him.  In fact, his vibration was affecting the whole multi-verse.  That is how much power you have in this world.  

Imagine if you vibrated love in every moment as your state of being.  I have asked you to imagine this because humanity has been conditioned to fear the unknown rather than imagine what they would rather have instead.  What is Your choice; to be in fear or to imagine miracles?    You do have a choice.  I love playing with words, IM-A-GI-NE.  My wish through my imagination is my command!

You have been separated from innocent perception and imagination because people who continue through life with innocent perception and imagination are called renegades, misfits, and eccentric.   Society likes conformity not individuality.   Although, you are conditioned to what society deems to be an individual for which you should look like, act like, and be like.  This popular way of being is what keeps the general population in conformity.  

Learning more about yourself helps you raise above the norm of living in fear, lack, and limitation.  It takes you from thinking that illness and disease is inevitable to understanding that an attitude and diet full of love is a life full of miracles.

Raising consciousness can be a difficult task if you set out on the path feeling as if it is difficult.  I learned from a mentor of mine, Robert Stevenson Mastery Systems, to choose to make it easy from the very beginning and see the end from the beginning.  This means the outcome you desire can be rooted in love and if that is your hearts desire than your whole adventure will be rooted in love making your journey easy and joyful.  

Several times through out the year mercury comes into retrograde.  This astrological time gets blamed for hardship and difficulties.  In fact, humanity loves finding all kinds of excuses and blame for hardship, difficulties, pain, and disease.  Do you take responsibility for your reality?

Meanwhile, here is an article about Mercury in Retrograde.  I’m sharing this with you because it helps you recognize your own responsibility in taking action towards your hearts desire instead of being the victim of circumstance.

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Sarah Varcas, Awakenings; has written a great article in her blog about the mechanism and purpose of Mercury in retrograde.  I love this post because it helps you realize how your own actions, perceptions, and how you respond to the world creates what you experience in your world.  Taking responsibility of your life and what comes your way in whatever way it comes will help you be in command of your life not left to “trying to control life”.

A paragraph from “The Truth about Mercury in Retrograde“:

“So no matter what you may have heard about how it’s nothing but a pain, causing disruption to our plans, throwing our communications awry and generally chucking a spanner into the works of our lives, the passage of Mercury retrograde is actually a gift from the heavens which gives us an opportunity to reflect, take stock, review, and correct mistakes we may previously have made in the rush and whirl of everyday life. It’s how we receive and use this gift that matters.”

I have found myself experiencing some bigger challenges this month since Mercury went into retrograde on February 6 and will stay there until February 28th.  These challenges are situations that I really needed to address in order to move forward with my life to becoming even more expansive than I thought and I can only imagine.  I had forgotten how powerful my imagination is.  Because of the in my face challenges  I have to take action NOW in order to Be the life I love.

Complaining never solved a problem.  Resolving a problem only comes from raising your consciousness because you can not solve a problem at the level of consciousness in which it was created.  It’s time to create miracles.

“When you see the gift in every moment, every moment becomes a gift”

~ Cynthia Gardner O’Neill

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I  had a great opportunity to join 50 inspirational authors in a collaborative collections of stories on how to move beyond difficulties.  I will be offering this great book to inspire you beyond your own difficulties.  

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Mentors Digest, Overcoming Obstacles


Mentors Digest, Overcoming Obstacles

Cynthia Gardner O’Neill Contributing Author

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Seeing Beyond Pain, Overcoming Your Challenges and Raising Your Vibration into Loving Consciousness:

When you are in pain, the first thing you may do is to find ways to defuse the pain.  When your pain continues on and comes back again and again you continue down the road of defusing it and depressing it for a short period of time never really finding the cause of your pain, eliminating it or believing it will never go away.  You get stuck in your pain.

You can not cure pain; You can end the cycle of expressing and feeling pain whether it is emotional, mental, physical or spiritual pain.  How?  By learning a new language so that communication can happen.  Communication is the key to the resolution of pain, suffering, and anxiety.  This is the multi-universal language of LOVE!  The language of your heart.

Communication comes with knowing yourself, understand yourself, loving yourself and becoming who you are here to be!  Conscious Language is one of the core modules in the “First Know Thyself Program for Ultimate Wellness.

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Self Help or How to fix others

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Until I update and finish the curriculum for the Illumination through Education programs please contact me and schedule sometime for you and I to unite for a heart to heart chat. I always will be adding new educational articles and higher consciousness to the Loving Consciousness website. Until then, Be love, because you ARE!

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