Breathe Loving Consciousness


Breathe Loving Consciousness

Breathe into yourself
Breathe out from yourself
What do you wish to give and receive through the breath?
Your breath massages your heart and filters through it.
Heart is within the breath.
Breathe love!

Love must be within before it can be felt outside of you.

This is why so many people feel unloved, lonely, and lost. They are looking outside of themselves when it is already on the inside. If you feel lonely you will attract what you feel; someone else who is lonely.

When two lonely people come together at first they feel complete because they are in resonance with the same feeling. And they continue to feel the same loneliness even though they have a partner. Each one, in their own way, continues to search for what will satisfy this empty feeling and eventually one may cheat on the other.

When this happens, the partner who was cheated on may think there is something wrong with their self, they question, criticize, and beat themselves up. This takes them down a path of anger, fear, and depression sinking farther into self destruction and reflecting it back out into the world. At the same time they curse their partner and wish bad things to happen to them. This only hurts the person wishing the bad things to happen. As the saying goes, “It’s like taking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

As a parent, I know that if I do not love myself how can I teach my children to love themselves. It is up to each one of us to change this conditioning. Why? Because the solution to loneliness is loving yourself.

Now, here is the outcome of self love. When we love our selves we attract what we feel. When we attract someone who feels love within them there is no loneliness, only love.

 I use this example because it is an experience that I hear many separated and divorced people talking about or seeking answer to.  It also is a good example to help others look at their own unhealthy experience and improve their life through self-discovery.  Self-knowledge sets you free to fly and discover the love within you. 

Love is the antidote to fear and is the cure for illness and disease.  Love oxygenates the body helping us breathe more deeply.  It harmonizes our beating heart.  Love is an anti-inflammatory and provides pain relief. 

The leading cause of death for both men and women is heart disease and coming in close second is cancer.  Did you know that cancer stems from heart issues, lack of oxygen in the body, feeling unloved, unworthy, and unequal?  Cancer can not live in an oxygenated body.  It lives on guilt, shame, and fear.

It is time to focus on the heart!  Women pay these attention to their hearts then they do their breast.  Heart disease is and always has been the #1 killer of women over the age 25 in the United States, regardless of race or ethnicity.  It claims the lives of more women than all forms of cancer combined! 

Did you know that there is only one non-profit organization for Heart disease and the BBB list more than 25 non-profit organizations for cancer?

Women seem to focus on their breast over their hearts.  I understand why this is so.  Women are conditioned to feel unattractive and unlovable if we do not have perfect breast. We are conditioned through the media, culture, and generation of belief systems that our breast are what makes us a women, sexy, and lovable. And then we are scolded for being proud of our bodies when we are comfortable with our nakedness. It is time to let go and love yourself, value the person that you are.  When you value yourself you love every part of you and your health will be your wealth!

Love is the gold of the Earth! 

From Cynthia With Love! 

“When you see the gift in every moment, every moment becomes a gift!”

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