Transforming Fear into Faith

Fear into Faith

A horse’s story about transforming fear into faith

Transforming Fear into Faith

Is fear the obstacle you must overcome or is it the blessing that brings you closer to faith?

Faith is to believe what we do not see, and the reward of this faith is to see what we believed. ~ St. Augustine


I began my adventure of transforming fear into faith before I took my first breath to live this human experience. My human adventure is providing me with experiences to initiate me into a higher consciousness, a loving consciousness. This love is who I am and it is who you are too. Love is creation, the co-creators of life, you and me, my brothers and sisters, the I, the One, the All. I and the mother and father are one. One cannot BE without the other.

You have forgotten that the masculine and feminine energies, yang and yin, light and dark, fear and faith complement one another. Everything is within us. You have been conditioned to compare, criticize, and you have been told you must pick one over the other. You have been taught that if you are more left brained you are smarter and if you are more right brained you are more creative yet, there is knowledge that you can live, feel, and experience whole brain balance, wholeness, harmony, and peace. Your brain is balanced through your heart.

You and I have been conditioned and educated in a left brained, masculine world leading us down the path of fight or flight, defensive, and fear based experiences which guide us into war, illness, disease, resentment, road rage, domestic violence, child abuse, and fear simply because the majority has not been taught about balance, harmony, and that you have free will and choice to “FEEL” peace within yourself.

How do you begin to choose what you feel? Humanity has been conditioned, programmed, educated, and guided by thousands of years of generational beliefs that you can’t change what you feel. Love has been the most misunderstood expression of who you are in life. Love is not just a feeling it is who you are! Love is life in action. Love is the gold of the earth! It is what created you. You are LOVE!

The Masters who previously walked the Earth taught the importance of love. Theirs was a simple message. In practice, however, centuries of fear-based conditioning obscures a true understanding of what love is. Therefore, it is not an easy task to shed the old conditioning and live as the Masters taught. It’s not enough to simply want a loving world. You must become the love and be it with every aspect of your being. This you are learning in a process over time, the human experience. Being love is what transforms fear into faith. Love transforms consciousness!

The Adventure

Today was a day of transformational growth, from fear into faith. I learned that I love myself enough to stand in my own truth, stay in a place of harmony within me, and to let go of others fears, anger, and discordance. The ways in which we view the world begin and end with our own minds and the meanings we choose. As we move on our spiritual paths we are able to see the positive aspects of our experience, even the difficult ones.

The Lesson in the Adventure

We packed up the horses and headed up trail. Everything was green, sparkly, and buzzing with life. As we began to reach the summit on a very slim trail Joe lost the lead rope to the string of horses loaded with all the camp gear. As he returned to grab the rope the horses pushed back onto the narrow trail where I was in the rear. All of a sudden the last pack horse of three stepped off the trail which leads down a steep slope.

The horse was thrown up as if it were rearing up but there was no ground to support the motion of the horse as it lost its footing. It flew backwards down the slope as it let out a bellowing horse’s nay. Rocky, the horse, almost 30 years old seemed headed for disaster. He lay on the slope head facing down with the sawbuck tucked under his body along with the packs full of camp gear.

It was a surreal experience as I watched the moment unfold before me. I was amazed at the calm of the moment within me. There were several hikers on the trail. They were freaked out by the sight of the horse going down the slope. Some were screaming and asking if they should call wilderness rescue. I asked them to calm down, step away, and continue on their path. I was standing with 4 horses, one I was riding, one that my beloved Joe had been riding and the 2 other horses packed and tangled in the trees all on the narrow path.

Joe had gone down to comfort his horse Rocky and I was to figure out how to get the other horses to safety. An older couple in their 70’s who had never been around horses asked what they could do to help. I asked them to walk the two riding horses up to safety while I got the other two packed horses untangled from the trees. They were hesitant and I assured them the horses would be an easy walk up the short distance and I would be right behind them. All went well as the horses were lead to safety and tied to a fence to the entrance of the West Elk Wilderness.

Still the hikers were upset and I again encourage them that the safest thing was to stay calm because the horses will feel the calm. If we vibrate fear or discordance it only brings more of that. A few looked at me with aw and wondered how I could be so calm; I knew it was the best thing to feel in that moment. It supported what was for the highest good.

The four horses were tied and safe as I went to Joe and Rocky’s side. An older horseman joined us as we observed the environment to see what would be the safest least traumatic way to untangle Rocky from the sawbuck pack so that he could move and stand up on his own power. With the peace and calm of the three of us collaborating and working together we accomplished the task of freeing Rocky from the possibility of injury from the resistance of the sawbuck on his spine. This task was not easy standing on a steep slope while the horse’s body was pointing downhill as the blood rushed into his head. I believe the comforting words that Joe spoke to his horse, the calm loving voice, and the love in his heart vibrating with every breath let the horse know he was safe.

As we pulled the sawbuck and packs away from the horse’s body it allowed for him to move more freely. We encouraged him to kick his legs and get his body moving. He was still facing done hill on his side laying there patiently trusting we would set him free to stand again and continue on our adventure. All of a sudden we began to encourage Rocky to get up. He began kicking his legs forcing his body to roll getting his legs under himself he stood up. A big sigh could be heard from all of us as Rocky balanced himself on all four legs. We all stood there in awe of the beautiful animal that stood before us not a scratch on him.

I hugged everyone in celebration of this incredible life affirming moment. I had learned that faith and trust in the moment is key. If we lose faith we create our own reality of struggle and pain. We have a choice, choose harmony and love and the love shall set you free!!

I walked Rocky and checked him out providing him with a dose of flower essence for trauma, a loving massage, and I held my heart to his body in gratitude of his courage for providing a lesson in faith. We loaded him back up and off we went to continue our adventure. Harmonize with love for love transforms consciousness.

Faith is the Adventure

This adventure provided me the opportunity to transform fear into faith. I am learning what I already know, my very own nature, the nature of self! If Christ were to return to earth would he be please by what he’d experience? I say yes, for he would see us as whole and complete, without judgment, and through unconditional love, the love that we all are!

Why do we see ourselves as any different as what Christ saw in us, as himself? I paraphrase, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” When you disconnect from the flow of Love and move into fear, you are the soul source of that disconnection. It is your hand that is turning on and off the faucet, the flow of love. You are in control of your own destiny. Knowing and trusting this is FAITH! Ignorance and distrusting this is FEAR!

Each time I have come to this earth I have transformed consciousness. If I have been labeled then I have created a new thought, a unique experience that causes human thought to take notice and wonder why have I seen life different than most others. I let go of the past and am grateful for the experience, good or bad, one compliments the other so I can choose my experience and create my own reality. You too can change the past, simply by changing how you feel and perceive the past, when you change your feelings and perception you change your experience with life today in the present moment. Faith is your adventure!

Faith is a quality that emanates from your heart! Passion for life is what will save you. Balancing the left and right brain for higher consciousness, whole brain balance, returns us to wholeness, peace, and loving consciousness. Accepting and honoring the uniqueness within all of humanity and knowing that one compliments the other instead of comparing ourselves thinking we need to be a certain way, is the way. You are the way to BE in this world, for only you have that unique way of “Being”.

It is time to harmonize life with love for love transforms consciousness. Love yourself and have faith that YOU are transforming fear into faith and love! Feel the loving consciousness within you. What you are conscious of being shall be what you will become. Thoughts, words, and feelings form the consciousness of our being. Before you can experience peace in this world, peace must be what you are conscious of being. Be peace, love, compassion, and faith will be your infinite source in living your life as I am that I am in the oneness through eternity.

Life is eternal and when you embrace this as your being fear of death is transformed into everlasting light. Everything is born into this world to provide an experience; whether it is a brief moment as a fetus or living beyond 100 years of age on this Earth. Life is eternal!

Bless everything; love everything, because everything has a consciousness. Everything is created from consciousness, yours, mine, the I, the One, the All. We are all co-creators in this magnificent Universe! Always remember, your faith shall make you whole! We return to wholeness through our faith!

From Cynthia with Love on this beautiful day! So be it! So it is!

In Loving Service,

Cynthia Gardner O’Neill
Intuitive Wise Woman, Lover of Life