Like Your Presidential Candidate!


 Presidential Canidates

Like Your Presidential Candidate

What do you LIKE about our Presidential candidates?

It’s time we stopped voting for the lesser of the two evils, pointing the figure, and blaming each for problems of the past.  What we focus on we bring more of into our lives.
Remember the good that each one of our past Presidents have done for our country.  Seeing the greatness of our country will help others see it too. The more we focus on the wrong done unto us the more we bring wrong doing.  If we are respecting each other,our great country , and other countries we will bring more of that.
At this time of Presidential elections I ask you to vote on the candidate you feel will bring the most good to our country.  I encourage you to begin to see the good in yourself and others.  When you do this, you will bring more good into your life and the lives of many others.  You will also vote from a place of feeling good which brings more good!
Today, write down what you LIKE about each Presidential candidate.  Vote for the one you feel will bring the most good.  Remember to love your neighbor as yourself and we will begin  to renew and revitalize our country.  In order to do that you must first know and love yourself!
Our country is built on the uniqueness of each individual.  Accepting and honoring the uniqueness within all of humanity and knowing that one compliments the other instead of comparing ourselves thinking we need to be a certain way, is the way.  You are the way to BE in this world, for only you have that unique way of Being.
I vote for you, me, and all of those who are focusing on seeing the good in each other and ourselves.  I vote victory for loving consciousness, love transforms consciousness!
What I see in you I see in me!
From Cynthia With Love on this Beautiful day!
Cynthia Gardner O’Neill
Intuitive Wise Woman
The Center for Loving Consciousness – Harmonize with love, love transforms consciousness.