Resolving Problems


Resolving Problems

With Loving Consciousness

In 1973 a girl at the age of 11 was raped and sexually abused. This abuse along with beatings continued for about 4 1/2 years. During this time she went through years of illnesses and was paralyzed for a short time from the trauma of this experience. 

If loving consciousness was the core of humanities education this would never have happened.  

Murder, rape, suicide, harming others as well as yourself, and many causes of discordance in this world all could be avoided if we would stand up and claim the power of love as the core of our education creating a healthier happier life with a greater quality of living. 

How many causes are you fighting yet nothing ever gets resolved? 

Did you know you will never resolve a problem at the same level of consciousness at which it was created?  Most “causes” are at a lower consciousness in the same consciousness as what you are fighting to stop from happening.  

Take abortion for an example:

There are two sides which have already caused separation. One is pro-choice the second one is pro-life. Each one fights the other for being right or pointing the finger at who’s wrong. Judgment is placed on the mother and the unborn child. This leaves an imprint of trauma, shame, guilt and leads to a lower consciousness being born into the world or consciousness that creates more discordance in the world.  

If Loving Consciousness was taught from the very beginning we would not have people judging one another putting each other down and persecuting love.  

Most people will seek out sexual encounters because they feel lack of love in their life. When feelings of lack of love are evident in one’s life you will seek out that which you have been told brings more love in your life and sex has been conditioned to be where you “make love”, hence, the issue with unwanted pregnancies and abortion.  If men and women felt love as the core of their being we would solve this discordance from a place of higher consciousness and it begins with loving consciousness!


Example of living in a higher consciousness, Mother Theresa…


“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.” ~ Mother Theresa


We as a community, as a whole, must begin to become aware of how powerful Loving Consciousness is in our lives. Loving Consciousness is the key to having a well community. Communication is the core of that wellness within you, your relationships, your business, and your community.  What you are communicating through your words is what your heart is communicating from your state of being.  Your heart beat is a signature sound of you and is communicated through your voice.


“Death and life are in the power of the tongue,….”  ~ Proverbs 18:21


Humanity is motivated by love, it seeks out relationships that support what the individual feels is a commonality between one another even if it means being in jail or doing what their parents did, putting conditions on one another and being the authoritarian and punishing others for doing it a different way.  

Why you might ask?  Because you are conditioned to judge and judgment over shadows feeling. This keeps you from claiming your power, the power of love.   Compassion and kindness are in the power of love allowing for feeling with others through the wisdom of your heart.  When you judge you separate yourself from feeling and understanding the truth of why you are here. 

Most are unaware of what love is. Also, there is a lack of knowledge about what love is because it is assumed we automatically know what it is because it is the reason you are here on this earth in the first place. If you understood what love is, you would never harm another.  

Love is what motivates humanity and is at the core of everything you do. It is who you are and your heart beat is the signature sound of you.  It is time to begin the illumination through education and become aware of the power of loving consciousness.  

Why am I here sharing this information and education about love? 

I am the 11 year old girl who went through years of rape, sexual abuse, and beatings only to be here today because of loving consciousness.  

The same reason the Tibetan monks that were incarcerated tortured and beaten by the Chinese and they are now living into their hundreds healthy, whole, and complete.  Read the story here about the Tibetan monks…

Why?  Because love is a power not a process. Love is compassion, kindness, truth, and is the heaven on earth that we are seeking.  

The Wisdom we seek is to know we are love. The more knowledge we receive about love the more understanding we have to begin to accept ourselves and others for being who we are, and the final outcome is self-love. When you love yourself you will never harm another.    

Many of you are wellness providers. What is a wellness provider?   A wellness provider is someone who enhances the life of another through their passion, will, and courage to make a difference in this world. You are the teachers of loving consciousness.  

You may be unaware of this truth and that is why I have created a wellness network to implement loving consciousness into your life; family, business, clients, customers, patients, and friends.  

It is a loving consciousness certification program. This education will bring more awareness about the power of love. It will bring more knowledge and understanding leading to self acceptance and through accepting yourself you will find yourself in the place of self-love.  

This will enhance your life and create a healthier happier life with a greater quality of living for your business and all relationships within your life. A better quality of living happens when your heart is coherent creating better communication within all of your relationships and experiences.  Conscious communication becomes easier allowing for a higher consciousness communication to happen eliminating stress, pain, and dis-ease. 


“By thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned”, Matthew 12:37; the tongue is the instrument either of a great deal of good, or of a great deal of evil;”


It is time to join together in the most powerful common thread within humanity, LOVE.  Love is the universal language of life.  The heart is the universal symbol of love.  Your heart is the fountain from which your words stream.  Your words, whether thru thought, written, or the spoken word create your reality with life.  This is the wisdom of your heart, this is the power of LOVE! 

Do you have the passion, will, and courage to create a more loving peaceful world?  I invite you to join me at Center for Loving Consciousness and begin today to learn more about your SELF. Take a wilderness adventure into your heart and discover you.  This is where the adventure begins! 

“A fearful word troubles the heart of a man and a good word gladdens it.” ~ Proverbs 12:25 

Speak well to your SELF.  If you are experiencing problems outside of yourself it is time to seek the wisdom of your own heart.  Your heart has the wisdom you seek and that is to know you are love.  You do not need to seek it outside of yourself.  Love is the oneness that connects all things.  Love is YOU, your SELF, S.E.L.F. your very own Source Energy Love Frequency.  The frequency of your heart is spoken through your words creating the experience you have with life.  Learn to be the life you love. 

Remember, Love creates all life through its desire for experience.  Harmonize your life with love, love transforms consciousness.  

If you are praying for guidance, help, relief from pain and suffering take a moment and listen to your heart.  What are you feeling?  It is important to feel!  No feeling, no healing!!  If you are feeling angry ask yourself what you would rather have instead?  What is the opposite of anger?  Go there, it is not a lie.  It is what you would rather have instead.  Feel those words, hear those words, speak those words of what you would rather have instead and create the reality your heart desires. 

The Center for Loving Consciousness has education, memberships, trainings, and certification programs to take you from the daily OW and transform it into the daily WOW!  

What would you rather have instead of heart ache and pain?  It is time to illuminate your world with loving consciousness.

In Loving Service…