Sweet New Beginnings


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Sweet New Beginnings

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 Loving Consciousness

Loving Consciousness is revitalizing the world…

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 2017 is The Year Of Oneness…

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Take a Wilderness Adventure into Your Heart and Discover YOU!



First Know Thyself

A Wilderness Adventure


Into the wilderness I go

A place that is unknown

An adventure that awaits me

There I will make a discovery

 This wilderness place is within me

It is full of undiscovered territory

Why have I waited so long to know me?


To know myself is the discovery

The adventure that is my destiny

This wilderness place of prosperity


 All that I AM Is a part of everything

The wholeness I feel must begin within me

Aw and wonder opens me to the possibilities

That my uniqueness is the opportunity 

 Breath is the life force that moves me

Giving me the words to transform me 

Trusting myself is the epiphany 

It gives flight to my desires and frees me

To love myself is to know myself

It is the discovery of my true nature

I am the love and the light that shines bright

Lighting the path of My destiny!


From Cynthia With Love! 

First Know Thyself, Take a Wilderness Adventure into your heart and Discover You!

The energy that is being transmitted at this pivotal time on earth is not what is happening outside of you, it is what is changing on the inside of YOU!  How you respond to the world, your environment, and others is change and transformation for a new consciousness within you!  Flexibility and adaptability are the new stability.  The more adaptable and flexible you are your experience with life will be a healthier longer life with a greater quality of living.