The Past is Gone, Move on into 2013 by Focusing on Your Wellbeing!!!



Happy New Year 2013The Past is Gone,

Move on into 2013 by Focusing on Your Wellbeing!!!

In the past during the beginning of the New Year and most likely you will see, hear, and read this again this year; What changes are you making in the New Year to come?  I’m already seeing the same old criticism that we have done something wrong in our life.  STOP RIGHT THERE!!!

You have lived your life from your own knowing.  You only know what you know about yourself and others in the moment you are doing what you doing.  If it turns out to be a good thing you celebrate and when you make a mistake (sin) you punish yourself.  I celebrate you for having the courage to do something new, to be something more, to learn a new way, and to take an adventure in knowing you!

Stop living in the past in the mistakes you’ve made. I encourage you to stay away from making list such as:  Changes I’m making for myself in this New Year:  Drink less alcohol, stop smoking, eat less chocolate, loss weight, and it goes on.  This is saying what you are doing is wrong.  Making yourself wrong does not change what you have done.  Be in the moment and say this is what I choose to do today!  If you keep seeing yourself as wrong in the past you might as well put criticize myself more on your New Years list!  Instead what would you rather have instead!

I encourage you to choose words that support your happiness, joy, and wellbeing.  Words are what come into manifestation of your thoughts.  See your life as perfect as it is and be grateful for the life lessons because if you were not experiencing life you would not be living!!!  A New Year is good for you, the more you have the longer you live.  Start your New Year out by asking yourself what would I rather have instead?  How can I enhance what already is?  Below is my News Year list of what I “choose to have and enhance my life” instead of wanting, which wanting means not having, or making myself wrong for doing the things I have done in the PAST.  The past is gone, move on into 2013 by focusing on your wellbeing!!!  What you focus on you bring more of!

My Love list for 2013 enhances my wellbeing:

#1 – Know myself better!   First Know Thyself – When you know yourself you make wiser, healthier choices leading to a greater quality of living.   First Know Thyself Spiritual Wellness Education and Coaching program provided by the Center for Loving Consciousness will assist in this wonderful wellness education.

#2 – Love myself more!  Self love means you care enough for yourself to stand in your truth.  When you do this you help others do the same.  The truth sets you free from guilt.  Guilt is a byproduct of not being true to your own way of being.

#3 – To be more compassionate and kind to myself and others and Be of loving service!  I wish more for others than I wish for myself.  I do this with ease because I know and love myself.  Remember you will treat others the same way you treat yourself.  Love thy neighbor as thyself!

#4 – I do my best and I know my best is good enough!  Many of my clients have a hard time with this, mostly men.  They feel they can always Do better, which negates they were doing their best.  If you are doing your best, your best is your best, and that IS GOOD ENOUGH!!!!

#5 – Bless everything even if you have been told it is not good for you.  Everything in this life has a consciousness.  When you see something wrong with it you negate its very existence and nothing comes of that life’s existence.  Bless meat that is eaten, bless the carrots that are eaten, bless the chocolate cake and all that has brought it to you!  For in the blessings you give its life meaning!!!! 

#6 – Be grateful for all that you have already and what you are about to receive.  Gratitude is the love of all life and the abundance that is already there.  Too many people live from lack and fear based consciousness.  What you focus on you bring more of.  Focus on gratitude and the abundance will be your reality!

#7 – Make 2013 a more exciting adventure then you had last year!  Worry, doubt, and fear are food for lack, disease, illness, and disaster consciousness.  Take an adventure into yourself and discover YOU!

#8 – Surrender old beliefs and habits that no longer serve you today and replace them with new beliefs and actions that begin to revitalize your life.  Remember you cannot change something without replacing it with something new.  This is why old habits and beliefs return because you have not replaced them with new supportive beliefs and habits.  You will know what to replace them with when you know thyself more!  First Know Thyself!

Begin this year supporting, knowing, and loving YOURSELF!  The Past is Gone, Move on into 2013 by Focusing on Your Wellbeing!!!