Changing With Ease, Even In Difficult Times


Changing With Ease, Even in Difficult Times Chapter 1

Changing With Ease,

Even In Difficult times

Changing With Ease, Even in Difficult Times Chapter 1

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Download a preview of my first chapter of a series of books about ease. Share and comment on what you think, feel, and experience. You matter and as I write the rest of the book you can contribute to the outcome of the loving service it brings to others.

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We all go through difficult times yet why do some of us do it with ease while others head down a path of disaster?  I have had several traumatic experiences and difficult times while overcoming the obstacles of life.  One thing I am encouraging is to remember that we all have difficult times in our own way.  I ask that you use discernment when perceiving others and their problems.  Do not compare your life, your problems, to anyone elses.

Secondly, stop judging your situation or anyone elses.  Judgement is a projection of your own fears onto another.  Be open, be joyous, be loving, compassionate, and kind.  Wish more for others than you wish for yourself.  Be the love that transforms consciousness.

I am sharing my first chapter with you.  Please provide me feedback and let me know if this is of loving service or if there is something that triggers you.  Many of the discomforts that we feel inside ourselves can be triggered by others.  Remember no one can make you feel except you!  Begin today, to learn more about yourself, be more aware of your inner and outer environment.

What triggers you into anger, frustration, and puts you in “Stress Mode”?

What triggers your happiness, love, and compassion?

What triggers you to take a wilderness adventure into the unknown places of yourself and life?  Or does the unknown trigger fear?

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Chapter 1:  Acceptance:  Accepting what you cannot change and making an effort to change what you can.

Upon losing everything I came to know I already had everything.  I found myself in a beautiful place.  Nature was and still is abundant.  During this time of difficulty I found myself sitting next to a red tail hawk in the wilderness and then was joined by his partner later as I sat with this hawk.  Red Tail hawks are known to stay together for their whole life of 14 years which is the average life span of a hawk.  The number 14 is about “Temperance”.

The success of our purpose is shown in temperance, patience and attention to this purpose is to support us in knowing that everything comes together in its own time.  Everything is in co-operation between human and natural intelligence.  We must learn to blend the opposing elements of life with our positive way of life.  This can be seen in our resolving of duality.  The spiritual and material world is a part of who we are.  One compliments the other, one cannot be here with out the other.

I have included a poem in the first Chapter of my book, Changing With Ease, Even in difficult times.  Download it today.  Harmonize with love, Loving transforms consciousness.

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Changing With Ease, Even in Difficult Times Chapter 1