Self Love Saves Lives


Self Love Saves Lives!

Self Love Saves Lives!

Be the Love that YOU are!


How can I learn to be more unconditional with my love?  Redefine Judgment!

Conditional love comes from judgment; judgment of yourself and others.  Judgment is the original sin or mistake that humanity made separating us from God, Creator, Source, Love, Allah, or whatever you choose to name or label the life source energy from which you are created.

Judgment separates you because it projects your own way of doing things onto another and saying the way they do things is wrong.  This comes from a deep misunderstanding of the written scripture in the bible and how it has been translated and then used to control people within organized religion and outside of it.  This kind of do it my way, Gods way, Jesus’ way, or you will suffer the consequences is far from how the original scripture was meant to teach.  Because of this perception of judgment it has brought fear into the hearts of humanity.  This is the core fear of all fear and the result of criticism, guilt, shame, racism, hatred, resentment, jealousy, and it goes on.  Judgment is the fear that separates you from your love.

To be unconditional with your love you must accept and honor yourself and others for being different, unique, and similar.  When you judge you immediately stop the acceptance.  Jesus/Jeshua died because of “Judgment”, that is the sin that he died for and the biggest killer of humanity.

I awoke yesterday with words flowing from within me about judgment and acceptance. I keep a recorder next to my bed because I often have this happen and I like to record the flow. Today this is my article for my Loving Consciousness Magazine for which you are reading right now.  I will post the recording along with my article as soon as I can upload it to this page.

I have an audio recording posted right now that you may find beneficial. If you like it please like, share, and leave a comment. Also, download my first chapter of my book, Changing With Ease, Even in Difficult Times. The first chapter is about acceptance.

When we move into judgment we immediately stop acceptance! I know Jeshua was here to teach the importance of judgment, not to use it to judge individuals, the doer, or the chooser, as he was judged, but to judge behavior, the deed, and the choices we make. Jeshua nurtured the good in the individual and separated the deed from the doer. He recognized the greatness within each one of us and when we become accountable for our choices, actions, and behavior we become closer to God, Jeshua, and Love!

When we take responsibility for our actions, choices, and behavior the judgment from others disappears because we acknowledge and are accountable for ourselves. Then no one has to prove there was wrong doing. The wrong doing is not the mistake we made; the wrong doing is when we are not accountable for the mistake we made.

When we love ourselves we become accountable for our own choices and life! That love brings us closer to being kind, compassionate, and more patient with ourselves and others!

This is why Self-Love Saves Lives!