Feminine Wisdom, Mother Nature


Loving Consciousness Flower Essence

Feminine Wisdom, Mother Nature


During the first Full Moon in 2013 I dream of loving consciousness.  That day I created a loving consciousness flower essence blend.  This blend is based in Diamond water and the flower essence created with divine beauty of Colorado’s state flower, Columbine.  This Columbine essence was created during the summer solstice 2009 during a new moon, feminine energy within the masculine energy of the powerful warming sun.  The full moon for 2013 is the energy of increasing loving consciousness and it is within this energy that I prepared this essence during Christ Blessing call with Glenda Green. 

As I was in the blessing and praying wellness, love, kindness, and compassion in the energy of this love I received a beautiful description for the loving consciousness flower essence and prayer.  In Loving Service!


Loving Consciousness Flower Essence 

Feminine Wisdom, Mother Nature


Loving Consciousness Flower Essence has a powerful story of the feminine energies being transmitted through Mother Nature’s essence.  It is birthed from the earth and warmed by Father Sun.  It is the essence of God as Mother blooming into loving consciousness revealing the love that we are.  This essence brings life into harmony with itself.  Out of the darkness and silence came life source energy, Adamantine Particles.  This is the first ingredient to bring forth new life into her womb.  This is the first act of love creating all life.  God as Unity dividing itself for the first time, sacrificing itself for its first creation.  This is how God became the Cosmic Mother, sharing her energy, her life.  The Cosmic Mother is the feminine aspect of being, darkness (the womb), gives birth to the light, Father God.  Consciousness lies concealed in darkness until love brings it forth, for consciousness is transformed by Love.


Feminine Wisdom Mother Nature

She Is Life Whose Nature Is LOVE!


Divine Spark Bring Forth Thy Light

Illuminate the World with Thy Love

Love Creates Life, Love Ignites Itself,

Releasing Its Selfless Desire to Share Its Love

Breathe Love into the Darkness, Divine Life Begins

Creation Is Within Her Womb

Giving Birth to Freewill and Through Understanding Natures Laws

Humanity Relinquishes Freewill to Live by These Laws

Moving From Separateness Into Oneness

Transforming Freewill into Faith

Thy Will Be Done! 


In Loving Service,

Cynthia (GO) Gardner O’Neill

P.S. These Columbine photos were taken during my Wildflower and Horses riding workshop in the West Elk Wilderness in Colorado.  This workshop is guided to learn about the essence of Wildflowers and I teach you how to make your own essence so you can bring home your experience.  It is a Colorado Wilderness experience to remember.  My Loving Consciousness products, service, and resources for your health, comfort, and joy will be added to my website very soon.  

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