Valentine Special, State of Your Being, Let it Be Love!

Valentine Special

Loving Consciousness is the heart of your being. When Love is your state of being and you allow Love to be the Source of your actions, all things are possible. Do not wait until Valentine’s day to express your love. Love is the medicine of the earth. Love is life in action.

This is a Video Article about the State of Your Being, Let it Be Love. You will hear a heart beat within the video, chilling out music, and Cynthia Gardner O’Neill nurturing voice. Hearts, Love, and Self Love are the core of this video. Learn about Selfishness, freewill and choice, and most all Love. You have been told that you must find love outside of yourself and so you keep searching for that perfect love when all along it is YOU!

I encourage you do not wait until a special day to love yourself or another. Do not wait for Valentines to be the only time that you express that love. Love is a state of being that transforms your life into heaven on earth. Be love!