Judgment, A Purpose for Finding Truth


Judgment, A Purpose for Finding Truth


As the light comes pouring into my life I recognize many changes that need to be made in life. The Earth and all things are moving into a higher consciousness. How we define life today and the words we use is different. One word and experience that I recognize that will change the world is how we define judgment. In the past judgment was used for separation.

Today, loving consciousness is rising and judgment

becomes a higher agreement for finding truth.

Judgment or to judge is to find truth and only God/Creator/Energy of Life knows the truth always. When you do not take responsibility for your life you hinder your own way of being…your truth! My belief is people suffer because of truth. If all human beings would be in their truth in every moment there would be nothing to hide, suppress, fear, or feel guilty about.

The cause of untruth is due to humans punishing other humans for being who they are. Love pain becomes the separation from our truth because of judgment from others, especially those we love.

If you are in any kind of role teaching others, which means all of us, your role as teacher is to teach what you know and how you have applied it to your life. Never place judgment on anyone for doing it differently than how you taught them because that person you taught it to is not you. Allow them to apply and express what they learned in their unique way. That is the beauty of life, Being the unique individual that you are.

Humans have souls because we were given free will and choice to be in the oneness of life or separate from it. Yes, it is your choice.  We have been guided in the scripture, “Judge not that ye be not judged. Four with that judgment ye judge ye shall be judged.”  If you are going to judge than judge another with kindness in order to find truth.  For what you express outwardly you will get back!

In nature there is no judgment because there is no reason to find truth.  All of nature is always being what it is here to BE and that is natures truth.  Nature; Animals, plants, insects, minerals, and more do not have souls because they do not need them. They are here on this earth unconditionally. They do not judge because their state of being is love and they only know to Be who they are, their truth.

Human beings can change their state of being at any time. This truth has set me free. As the saying goes… The truth shall set you free!  You can judge another with kindness for the purpose of finding truth.  This expands a new higher consciousness, a loving consciousness, one of compassion, kindness, and love.  Begin today with finding your own truth, it begins with YOU!

“You can judge another with kindness for the purpose of finding truth.” 

~ Cynthia Gardner O’Neill, Center for Loving Consciousness


From Cynthia With Love!