Your Value and Worth is the Love that You Are


There is no one as VAluable as YOU

Your Value and Worth is the

Love that You Are


Change your value by changing what you value!

What is your value?
What is your worth?
How much is your life worth?
Can you put a price, value or worth on life?

Since everything is energy you can say it is always in action and moving, and therefore it contributes and assist your experiences in all of life.  That is the unseen value of your contribution to this world and the oneness within the energy of life.  When you understand this you will begin to recognize and understand your value.   

Every experience is valuable, not only to you, but all of life.  Your value comes from how you contribute to this world.  It doesn’t come from your monetary worth like you have been conditioned to think.  Your world is about love, it is built on love, you are born from love as love and all of the universe in which we are conscious of has the energetic value of love. Love is the gold of the earth!  Humanity is motivated by love. 

When you are simply conscious of your physical world you base your value on the physical/monetary value and that actually devalues your contribution to this world if you base your value and worth on this.  This can be the cause of self worth issues and confusion over why you are here in the first place.  You begin to base your value on what you have earned or received from your physical labors or existence not on your contribution to the experiences you have with others.  
Today many people are struggling with the loss of their monetary value leaving many devastated and traumatized by there own lack of self worth and self value.  They feel they no longer have something to contribute, they base the monetary value of themselves as the basis of there reason for being loved.  Love pain, love trauma is the #1 cause of all murders, suicide, stalking, and yes the #1 killer disease of men and women “Heart Disease”.  Solve the issues of the heart and you resolve all dis-ease.
Your self-worth and worth to this world is codependent on your material value and what others think of you or what you assume they think.  This comes from within yourself, your own perception of who you are.  This is an important component to living in this world with ease and creating heaven on earth when you take responsibility of all the experiences you have, the choices you make, and being accountable for the mistakes you have made and will make because this is a very valuable contribution to the world.  All are of hugh value to your life and others. This is what creates great wealth!
This is why being grateful for who you are in this moment is so important to this world.  You are the most valuable asset you will ever be or have.  You are unique, rare, a priceless diamond and infinite potential to how you can contribute to this world and only you have this specific potential because there is no one else in this world like YOU!
You are the most beautiful priceless diamond and there is nothing more valuable then YOU!  Find your S.E.L.F.  The Source Energy Love Frequency Within You!  Your most value asset, Your SELF! 
In loving service,
Illuminator of Love | Wellness Education & Provider | Spiritual Coach | Intuitive Wellness | Wilderness Guide | Published Author | Speaker
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