Love’s Contribution to the World


 Love's Contribution

 Love’s  Contribution

Contribute your love into the world and the world will become a more peaceful place!

I awoke feeling gratitude for the opportunity to contribute my love into a world where so many may not feel love at this time.

A reminder: You are love…You who feels lost and alone…You who feels angry because of choices being made that harm… You who feels hatred towards those who are different… You who has forgotten the core of who you are… You who has given up your soul to be someone your not… You who worries, doubts and fears the unknown… You who see your Self separate from the whole… You who fears Love will break your heart… You who is love…

Be Love, it will free you from the conditions that judge to separate you from the whole. Love is the oneness that connects all life.

Be Love, Love is the origin and longing inside of all of us. Love is the Way! It is not a religion, sex, or something that is outside of you. It has to be lived and is always in motion.

Be Love because you are!

“Love is the mother. We are her children. She shines inside all of us, visible, invisable…” ~ Rumi

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