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What is the foundation for a healthy life?

What is the #1 most talked about subject in your life?

Is it your wellness, abundance, happiness, joy, love, faith, and miracles, or is it illness, lack of something, coveting what others have, resentment, guilt, or judgment expressed through fear, worry, and doubt?

None of these subjects are specific yet they are most likely the foundation of the subject of which you feel, think, speak, and express through your actions and words.

There is one main subject which has been the foundation for several topics of discussion. The subject is wellness. Charles B. Corbin of Arizona State University gives this definition of wellness: “Wellness is a multidimensional state of being describing the existence of positive health in an individual as exemplified by quality of life and a sense of well-being.”

I love this definition because it opens up infinite possibilities and that is what provides you with ultimate wellness. The state of your being is infinite, the choices you have, and the freedom you have to educate yourself and take responsibility of your own wellness is infinite.

In fact, the right of choice is your freedom and being responsible for your choices sets you free! Meaning, standing in your truth sets you free to be who you are.

Are you feeling a bit uncertain right now or having difficulty with infinite possibilities? Join the crowd because limited perception is the norm. The clothing for “limited perception” is worry, doubt, and fear. The naked truth once you strip away worry, doubt, and fear is…you are already a Well-Being! That truth is so heavily clothed by the illusions of worry, doubt, and fear you have forgotten, separated your self from, and/or accepted illness as inevitable.

“A man who believes in illness will spend all of his life trying to stay well” ~ Love Without End

Within infinite possibilities are miracles activated by love. Once you open your heart to receiving and giving the most powerful anecdote LOVE, the core of your well-being, you will experience ultimate wellness, the Well-Being you were born to be.

“Love is who God is and who you are as well. The seed of everything you need is already within you. The fact is you take most miracles for granted. Life is full of them and never without them. Love is the source of all miracles–it invokes their presence. There must be a point where your confidence in the foundation of existence is greater than your anxiety and removes your dependency on personal illusions or limiting structure.” Love Without End

Childhood cancer is increasing and no one seems to know the cause. Heart disease is the #1 killer disease of both men and women. Is there a connection? If your heart is in constant fear, worry, and doubt think about the toll it takes on your physical body, your heart, and your soul. And if you are birthing this into your own life as well as the collective consciousness, how do you think it will affect the birthing of the next generation?

What is preventing the power of love’s energy from returning you to wellness and allowing miracles to happen in your life? Could it be the daily negativity, the fear and disaster consciousness that is being perpetuated within your daily conversation, what your reading and/or watching?

Remember, the choice is yours. I’m not sure what your foundation for a healthy life is. I do know what mine is, LOVE. Love is the ultimate power, which resides within all of us.

“An attitude and diet full of love is a life full of miracles.” ~ Cynthia Gardner O’Neill

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