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Love Activates LifeLove Activates Life

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 “There is a lot of nice people in the world, if you can’t find one, Be One!” ~ Anonymous

I challenge each one of you, YES YOU, to be the One. The love of one can change the lives of many. As you stand in your own truth becoming and being the love that you are, you help others to do the same.  Only you can contribute your love the way you do! Your love is making a difference in this world.  BE THE ONE!  State of your being let it be LOVE!

Center for Loving Consciousness is where loving news, links, illumination through education, and resources elevate you to understanding what love really is and how you are love.  Illumination through education starts with understanding who you are.  That is why my spiritual coaching program begins with S.E.L.F., the Source Energy Love Frequency within YOU!


S.E.L.F. Wellness Certified Education program

Loving Consciousness Certified Education & Spiritual Coaching

I have several people in my life who have experienced “Love Pain” and you may have or do experience this yourself.  In fact, love pain, amouraphobia, the fear of romantic love, fear of being hurt deeply, fear of abandonment, or being separate from love is the fear of all fears for humanity is motivated by love. 

Love Pain is what drives people to murder, stalk, commit suicide, and make decisions that harm themselves and others.  It is what drives our negative talk because we are feeling unlovable within ourselves.  Suffering together is better than no togetherness at all.  This type of thinking or feeling comes from a trauma that has gotten stuck within our energy system and it is perpetuated by joining in on the daily negativity with others. 

There are so many choices for news supporting your health and well-being or negativity.  What would you like to feel and see in the world and choose that.  Loving Consciousness magazine supports you by providing the most loving links, news, and resources to support Love.  Here is an example: KarmaTube…

I have studied this to great lengths for my life as a child was filled with sexual abuse, rape, illness, and more.  On the other side of things, my life was filled with LOVE.  Love was the very thing that sustained me and helped me through my pain, my illnesses, and my challenges.  It is the soul factor to experiencing health, comfort, joy and ultimate wellness today!

When I started learning more about myself, life, and love I was able to transform fear into faith and trust Love as my true being.  I learned to focus on LOVE, not the pain, hurt, trauma within life for Love is life in action.  Through focusing on love, my life even in difficult times became easier.  I learned the tools and technology to clear the blocks to feeling Love and being Love in all its glory.  No matter how far we advance in our technology, unless we have love, we have nothing. 

My heart’s desire is to share and educate humanity to understand this magnificent essence of YOU, your S.E.L.F.!  (Source Energy Love Frequency)  We cannot teach or give that which we do not understand or have.  That is why Love has been so illusive and separate from YOU.

Because of my extensive training and education in wellness, heart connection, and intuitive being I have developed a loving service called S.E.L.F. Wellness Certified Education Program:  S.E.L.F. wellness through self awareness, self knowledge, self understanding and self Love; S.E.L.F. (Source Energy Love Frequency).  When you become self aware more self knowledge and understanding increases as self love prevails leading to ultimate wellness!  When you love yourself you are loving all things.  Love is the oneness and is the multi-universal language of life.  The heart shape        is the multi-universal symbol of Love.

This is an education in Source Energy Love Frequency. Tap into the secret of wellness. Live a longer happier healthier life with a greater quality of living. Learn about S.E.L.F. and harmonize your life today! Harmonize with Love, Love Transforms Consciousness. S.E.L.F. is a diet full of miracles. It ignites your enlightened inner pharmacy, the abundance of S.E.L.F. miracles within all humanity. Take back your life and Be love because you are!

Join me to illuminate your heart through education about your S.E.L.F. and become Loving Consciousness Certified!  Take a wilderness adventure and discover you! Loving consciousness is ultimate wellness. Harmonize with love. Love transforms consciousness. Illumination through education will set you free. 

“When I told you to bless the food that you received into your body it was to help you to understand more fully, that it is LOVE, more than food, which nourishes you.” ~Love Without End, Jesus Speaks

Remember just as Organically Certified food promotes better health so too does Loving Consciousness Certified education and training promote ultimate wellness. Get your higher education today and return to wholeness, Illumination through education at the Center for Loving Consciousness;  Loveucation

In Loving Service,

Cynthia Gardner O’Neill

Illuminator of Love | Coach of Loving Consciousness | Wellness Educator & Provider | Loving Consciousness Certified Programs

Loving Consciousness S.E.L.F. Wellness Certified Education and Spiritual Coaching Programs.  Harmonize with Love, Love Transforms Consciousness.  Loving Consciousness Magazine, audio, video, and spiritual wellness products and services for your health, comfort, and joy!  Transform fear into faith and Be Love, S.E.L.F. (Source Energy Love Frequency)

“An attitude and diet full of love is a life full of miracles.” ~ Cynthia Gardner O’Neill

Only you can contribute your love the way you do! Your love is making a difference in this world.

BE THE ONE!  State of your being let it be LOVE!

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