Pain over Blessings


Pain Over Blessings

Pain Over Blessings

Tragically, many people suffer because they have more faith in the prospect of pain than in the reality of blessing. – Love Without End Jesus Speaks

Life does not have to be hard to be rewarded.  Why do so many people choose pain over blessings?

Pain can be how you validate your existed.  If you are someone who consistently talks about your pain, disease, and how you have been victimized then you are injuring, traumatizing, and victimizing yourself over and over again.  Every time you tell the story of how it happened you stay in that pattern of defeat.

What would happen if you told the story of how quickly you overcame the problem?

What would happen if you focused on feeling healing and returning to wholeness instead of focusing on the injury or problem?

What would happen if you were grateful for having plenty and more support available for you to heal?

Is it possible to heal when you get hurt, diagnosed with a disease, or victimized?

Tragically many people miss out on the miracles of life because the prospect of limitation is their reality.  We ARE measuring the immeasurable and much of what we measure is not as valuable as what we can’t measure such as love.  We only experience maybe 1% of what is.  We still have 99% unknown available to us.  That is amazing! 

Be open to new possibilities making your life exciting.  It revitalizes your soul and allows for miracles to show up in every moment.  Imagine the miracles that happen every day and you pass them up because you are focused on what’s wrong instead of what’s right in the world.  And remember complaining is not a solution to your problems!

Here is a powerful question, “What would you rather have instead?” and focus on that!  When I am with my clients who are in terrible pain and I ask them this question, many reply “No Pain”.  I laugh and say, “You are still focused on Pain.” And I ask them the question again and support them in speaking a word that is the opposite or reciprocal of pain. I say “first word.”  

Everyone has their own word to provide them with peace.  Some say, comfort, joy, peace, relaxed, love, and when they say these words they vibrate bringing that very feeling into their body, heart, and soul. They begin to feel a shift into what they would rather have instead.  It’s awesome to watch them in that very moment feel the healing just by speaking a heartfelt word. 

Speak heartfelt words to yourself about what you’d rather have instead because it’s not a lie. To many people think that they are lying to themselves or pretending to be feeling something they don’t feel. This is not true when you ask yourself this question.

The next step is redefine what health, wellness, well-being, wealth, rich, and success are to YOU! How do they define YOUR life not what someone else would do.  What is healthy for one person is not always healthy for another.  And how one person defines a word may not be how it is defined in your life.

When you take the time to ask yourself powerful question supporting your health and well-being you are vibrating loving consciousness and you will return to wholeness through your love.  YOU ARE LOVE! 

Ask yourself this powerful question,  “Is this healthy for me?”  Make choices that support your health and when you make a choice, support yourself instead of criticizing yourself, for criticizing is what depletes you more, not the unhealthy choice.  That may sound funny but its true.  You hurt yourself by criticizing yourself.  That is what separates you from love.  Judgement!  Instead of judgment plant seeds of love and they will bloom and transform life.

In the next few days I am sharing a story about the 8 demons that separate you from your love.  Beware of these demons that can bring great pain and sorrow. If you want to know why they show up in your life, how they can help you transform life, and support you to change with ease even in difficult times drop your email address in the RSS or subscribe to the web based RSS feed and get social. You will receive all 8 articles and more to help you abandon the hardship and get on board the HeartShip. 

It’s time to shift from pain over blessings into feeling how blessed your life really is and transform pain into Pleasure.  Change the old adage from “no pain, no gain” into “no pleasure, no treasure”!


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