Beware of 8 Demons Separating You From Love


Beware of 8 Demons Separating

You From Love Causing Illness and Pain


How You CAN Reunite with Love

Returning You To wholeness within the

New Year!

Upgrade Your DNA


Upgrade Your DNABeware of 8 demons separating you from love.  Being aware of these demons will help you understand why you hunger for love or experience the pain of being separated from love, “Love Pain”.  

The hungrier you are the more you will sell your soul to satiate your hunger. The more you are separated from love the more illness, disease, and pain controls your life.

Love restores wellness and returns you to wholeness. Love commands life opening doors to miracles. An attitude and diet full of love is a life full of miracles.

“The hunger for love is much more difficult to

remove than the hunger for bread.”

~Mother Teresa

Question: What is the cause of lack of self worth, love pain, physical pain, anger, illness, feeling alone and unlovable?

Answer: Separation from love.   Yes, even physical pain!


Understanding the 8 Demons Separating

You From Your Love Causing YOU PAIN!

There are 8 demons separating you from love.  These demons have been hanging around for generation.  They’re like a pathogen that has been undetectable. 

A pathogen is an agent of disease.  Disease is a harmful element, an illness that affects a person, animal, or plant.  It is a condition that prevents the body or mind from working normally.  It also is a problem that a person, group, organization, or society has and cannot stop. 

Cannot stop?  Can this be true?  The only reason a problem cannot be solved or stopped is because you cannot solve a problem at the level of consciousness in which it was created.

This kind of definition, the definition of disease, is the very thing stopping you from experiencing the miracle of love.

How many times are you told you cannot stop, do, or change something?  

This is what has happened to humanity in believing that genetics are what control wellness.  You have been told this dogma for more than fifty years now. Do you still believe genetics control your genes, your DNA?

Question:  If cancer is genetic and genetics control your DNA, so you have been told, why are you looking for a cure if you cannot change genetically?  

Answer:  Because genetics do not control your DNA. This generational belief can be the cause of what triggers a disease. 

You will never find a cure as long as you continue to stay in the consciousness of genetics controlling DNA.  And cure is a medical term. Cure has no place in life because you already are healthy, whole, and complete.  You have only been separated from that truth.

Why does the medical society keep this outdated information as the cause of most disease?

To keep you co-dependent on the medical system and to keep you sick instead of you taking responsibility of your own wellness. Find out more on Epigenetics and Bruce Lipton, the Wisdom of Your Cells and Biology of Belief. Read More…


Upgrade Your DNA through Loving Consciousness

Are you responsible for your own health?

Are you co-dependent on something outside of you to keep you well, fix you when you are broken or tranquilize you so that you no longer feel?

Do you blame, feel victimized, criticized or feel powerless when it comes to your well-being?

“DNA is the physical carrier of love; therefore it conforms to whatever quality of love is presented to it. The energetic transmission of this higher love is a frequency within the Sacred Heart given by the Creator, to be extended from one to another, generation to generation … In organic life DNA is constructed to conduct the complex and mysterious functions of love. Human DNA is constructed to handle and to conduct very high levels of love function. As you accelerate those love functions, your DNA will change accordingly … It is love that causes changes in our DNA, not the other way around. It could be a vicious trap to consider that by scientifically engineering a DNA change, humankind would be elevated to a higher plane. Love IS the engineer that causes DNA to change.” ~Love Without End Jesus Speaks

  • DNA is affected by your perception of the environment in which you live.
  • Your perception is affected by the state of your being.
  • Your core of your being is affected by love, whether you feel a part of love or separated from it will determine your health and well-being!
  • Everything is affected by love! That means everything you do is expressed through the state of being you are in.
  • Your body is an expression of how and what you perceive in your environment.


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The Biology of Belief

Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, and Miracles

Bruce Lipton’s discoveries place each one of us in charge of our biology. Our DNA and our genes do not control our health, we do. Let’s find out why.

Bruce Lipton’s discoveries are a significant paradigm shift in science and biology. They changed his life forever. They may change yours.

Educate yourself. The medical industrial complex does not embrace new ideas easily. There is too much money invested in the old way of doing things.

“The “central dogma” in biology is that our DNA and our genes control our biology. This genetic determinism made us victims of our biology and also took away our own responsibility for our health. Just because a gene is correlated with a disease does not mean that it caused the disease.” ~ Bruce Lipton

Read More…

Now finally scientists are finding ways to integrate what Bruce Lipton has been saying since his first publication of “Biology of Belief” 2005



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Scientists discover double meaning in genetic code

Stephanie Seiler
UW Health Sciences & UW Medicine

Scientists have discovered a second code hiding within DNA. This second code contains information that changes how scientists read the instructions contained in DNA and interpret mutations to make sense of health and disease.

The discovery of duons has major implications for how scientists and physicians interpret a patient’s genome and will open new doors to the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

“The fact that the genetic code can simultaneously write two kinds of information means that many DNA changes that appear to alter protein sequences may actually cause disease by disrupting gene control programs or even both mechanisms simultaneously,” said Stamatoyannopoulos.

Read More…

Personal note:  This scientific information is being released during this time because humanities consciousness is rising.

The Human Genome Project begun back in the late 1980’s, as well as stem cell research, and what they found created quite a stir in DNA research.  In fact, the results of the study changed our genetic relationship with other organism in the biosphere.

Does that mean I doubt this is new research being released into the collective consciousness? More on doubt in my next article, your first of 8 demons separating you from Love…


What do you think affects that second string of DNA?

 “A man who believes in illness will spend his whole life trying to stay.” 

 ~ Love Without End, Jesus Speaks


Question:  Does consciousness change DNA or does DNA change consciousness?

Answer:  A change in consciousness is what changes your DNA. Compassion, kindness, and loving consciousness increase the production of stem cells.  Therefore, I believe higher consciousness changes your DNA and consciousness is transformed by LOVE!.  Read more…

I encourage all of you for your health and well being, illuminate yourself through education. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you stop learning new information about yourself and if your younger stay young by always learning something new.  

In fact, the more you know yourself the wiser choices you make for a healthier longer life with a greater quality of living. Through self knowledge you become aware that you are so much more than what you’ve been told.  Because of this misleading information doubting the infinite possibilities puts you in a box that has no doors.

That brings us back to the first of the demons separating you from love, doubt! Can doubt change your DNA? Learn more in my next article illuminating how you can upgrade your DNA…Doubt it?

Many doors have opened to myself and my clients through the many leading edge technologies and methods available to you at the Center for Loving Consciousness certification programs.  These stories are shared and my hope is you may see yourself becoming aware of your demons and to understand you can set yourself free.  You can begin today by tapping into love and start upgrading your DNA today!  Read more on “Tapping into Love”.

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