Demon of Doubt


Demon of Doubt

The First of 8 Demons Separating You from Love


Who are you?Two Powerful Words I AM

“Descartes” asked himself this question.  He doubted everything and through his doubt he realized his existence.  “I think; therefore I AM.” or “Cogito, ergosum”.

Do you doubt yourself?  Do you doubt your very existence?  Self doubt can be a long road of despair or a road to higher consciousness leading to the I AM.

Doubt is about insecurity, uncertainty, and disbelief in oneself.  Doubt can be transformed by learning and understanding who you are.  Doubt can become a catalyst to higher education.

Is there some doubt?

Doubt is full of ignorance, unbelief, and lack of faith.  Let’s take the flat earth syndrome as an example. You doubt something is likely such as a round earth so you take what you assume to be the easy road and continue to live on what you think is the flat earth even though there is evidence of something more.  You stay in your ignorance.

Your doubt limits you to experiencing something new.  If you are not having new experiences in life you’re not living and if you are not open to new possibilities you might want to ask yourself why.

Doubt it or not, you can teach old dogs new tricks.  In fact, the statement, you can’t teach an old dog new trick is literally dogma!  Remember we are always evolving in our consciousness which means we couldn’t measure yesterday what we can measure today. We ARE measuring the immeasurable and much of what we measure is not as valuable as what we can’t measure such as love.

You only experience maybe 1% of what is.  You still have 99% unknown available to you. That is amazing!  Be open to new possibilities making your life exciting.  It revitalizes your soul and allows for miracles to show up in every moment.  Self-Doubt will steal every moment of miracles away leaving you depleted and miserable.

“Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed:  Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” (John 20:29)

How many times have you heard someone say, think outside the box?  I never understood what they were saying; I had no idea what box they were talking about. I mean really, what box? There is more than 99% of unknown opportunity, infinite potential and you cut yourself off from this infinite potential because of these 8 demons that destroy life and the living.

How does this demon, Doubt, separate you from love?Stars shine in darkness

Life is love in action and doubt stops action.

When you doubt yourself or doubt something to be true without being open to new possibilities you separate yourself from love.  Love is being open to awe and wonder of life, innocent perception.  Doubt opposes and limits new possibilities.  Doubt doesn’t believe in faith. Science would not exist if doubt was leading the way.  Miracles, most surely, would not even be a part of our consciousness. Being a “Doubter” will lead you into a lifeless life and you become the dead burying the dead.

How can you cast out the demon of doubt?  No one is immune to doubt. It is a part of life imprinted through generation of doubters.  It’s important to elevate your awareness.  If you don’t know what it is and what triggers it, doubt will continue to make itself at home separating you from love. Even the greatest men and women of God recorded in the Bible had to deal with doubt. What did they do to overcome doubt?

Return to innocent perception.  See life through new eyes, become curious and seek out new up to date information that supports your life and living.  When you see the gift in every moment, every moment becomes a gift.  Don’t look back you’re not going that way.  Curiosity can bring new possibilities and if you choose to learn more about curiosity watch my video on “The Success Principles of Loving Consciousness.”

Follow life and the living and you will discover that love has been there all along.  Your doubt is what separated you which is a choice you make.  Just because your parents did it that way or generation before them, you do not have to continue with what no longer serves in your life today.

The freedom to choose is your freedom and if you doubt that, you have just imprisoned yourself. I encourage you to make a choice to follow life and the living.  Life is love in action.  Remember the state of your being let it be love and all doubt will be cast out.

Always look for what is right in your world and life will bring you more of that.   If you are looking for what is wrong you most surely will find that too!  You choose!

That’s the blessing and power of choice. What will help you make wise choices?  There is no wisdom in doubt.  Going to your heart and asking is this choice healthy for me?  Then listen to your heart.  Be prepared to receive wisdom!  The more you listen to the wisdom of your heart the healthier you will be.  Love is the wisdom of your body, heart, and soul. Your heart communicates that wisdom.

Your heart is the core, the center that connects body and soul.  It is what harmonizes and balances you for your adventure on Earth. Take a wilderness adventure into your heart and discover you!  Loving consciousness is ultimate wellness. Harmonize with love.  Love transforms consciousness.  Illumination through education will set you free. 

One last thing about doubt…Bless doubt when it shows up and thank it for sparking the thought to learn about something new.  All demons have a gift to share.  They only become a demon because you have decided for it to be that way.  Yes, you are the creator of the demons that separate you from your love…You and only you.

One of my clients recently asked me, “Why does God allow for so Demon of Doubtmuch suffering in the world?”  My reply, “It is the will of God for us to be Love.  Humanity was given free will and choice, therefore, it is humanity who makes the decision to suffer or thrive.”  The state of your being, let it be love!

How can you upgrade your DNA with doubt?  Allow doubt to ignite curiosity and you will discover new beliefs that will transform your biology upgrading your DNA.  Watch my video “Success Principles for Loving Consciousness” and learn more about the old adage, “Curiosity Killed the Cat…”.  There is another part that has been missing to this old adage that you will want to hear and it will change your perception of curiosity into one of satisfaction.

Meanwhile, learn something new today and everyday, you will begin to grow younger and wiser with age!  First know thyS.E.L.F is the beginning of trusting yourself instead of doubting yourself.

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“When I told you to bless the food that you received into your body it was to help you to understand more fully, that it is LOVE, more than food, which nourishes you.”~ Love Without End, Jesus Speaks

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Here is what to expect in the next 8 weeks:

1. Doubt – Does doubt limit you to the possibilities? Why is doubt a part of life and how can it be a blessing in disguise?  Podcast will be posted soon.  We had a great time on this call however we did have some technical difficulties and the call is being edited.

2. Worry – Worry is an illusion aging you and causing sorrow and pain. What will help you take worry and change it into Wonderful?

3. Shame – Shame depletes our very being. How can shame be a catalyst to super confidence?

4. Guilt – Are you always feeling sorry, finding yourself saying your sorry even when there is nothing to be sorry for? Learn how to transform sorrow, the I’m sorry’s, into loving service.

5. Jealousy – Do you covet what others have? Where can you find your own treasure inside of you so that you know that your contribution to this world is of great value and there is nothing more valuable in this world than YOU?

6. Resentment – Resentment is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die. Remember what you give you get back. Revenge will not restore peace. Can it be forgiveness of another restores the truth of one’s own being and can forgiveness lead to freedom?

7. Fear – Where is fear harmful and helpful? Can you transform fear into faith?

8. Judgment – Does judgment separate you from love and limit you to the infinite possibilities to being the life you love. Learn to judge with kindness to find truth and then you will recognize your compassion!  Judgment is what creates fear!

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