Last Full Moon of 2013


Full Moon InnocenceLast Full Moon of 2013

Did You Focus on Your Well-Being?

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“The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of a child into old age, which means never losing enthusiasm”   ~ Aldous Huxley

I awoke this morning to an excitement of a new day.  I could feel the full moons exultation of emotions vibrating in the flow of my blood.  These emotions were fresh and new as if I was baptized with its glowing light.  The excitement of what is to come in the new year made me giggle and play.  I am ready for a new day starting with innocent perception.  Remembering aw and wonder is the game that children play so that the WOW moments illuminate the day.

Breathe deep into the moonlight on this cold frosty night.  Angels voices are whispering in your ears bringing messages of love for a new year.   Hearts are opening new doors to understanding that there is so much more than just planning.

Embracing your brilliance, your light, your wisdom, remembering your heart is the passage to the kingdom, raises the consciousness for a new day bringing heaven to earth in your own loving way.

Until each one of you feel the kingdom of heaven within, you will continue wandering the earth asking others to do your work missing out on opportunities to grin.   You will never be satisfied in life until you understand it is your love, YOU, which is the peace missing from the greater whole. Separation from love keeps you feeling lonely and lost.  Wake up to a new day and play. Innocent perception will show you the way.

You are a work of art in progress and love is the heart of your masterpeace. YOU are the Master-Peace of your own life!

Master your Peace and be delight! 

“When you can live each day as if it were your first and only day, you will enjoy innocent perception.  On the other hand, if you decide about life before you look at it, or filter your expectations only through past experience, you cannot have a direct unbiased perception of what is before you.”  ~ The Keys of Jeshua


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