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Center for Loving ConsciousnessCenter For Loving Consciousness

A Heart Centered Community

Harmonizing Body, Heart, & Soul

All of my life I have had the divine opportunity to connect into a higher consciousness, a loving consciousness.  It is a consciousness for which all of life connects, collaborates, and communicates creating experiences through relationship.  I have relationships with people who have transitioned into the energy of life, love, as well as experiences with a higher source.  I am in this world but not of this world.  Believe it or not that is true for you too!

My logo came to me in a higher state of consciousness.

I received a sacred heart in the center of a cross with 2 hearts joined creating a diamond in the middle.  This represent Christ Consciousness (Spirituality), Higher Consciousness (soul), Loving Consciousness (heart), Body Consciousness (Body), and Business (Service Mindset).  These are the 5 pillars of my business.

There is more to this story coming soon…