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The Value of Love, Peace

Rumi Quote about Love


“It is self love that leads to outer love and then…

it can be shared with the world, Loving Consciousness.

~ Cynthia Gardner O’Neill

The Value of Love, Peace

Ultimate Wellness

Loving Consciousness has become the wellness missing from your life, your community, and family.  Hardship and suffering have become the norm while you separate yourselves from others and at the same time you struggle to be loved.

Society teaches you to be different and at the same time to be like everyone else. You are taught you are not good enough, pretty enough, not worthy, and punished for being who you are.  You are programmed to feel guilt and shame.  You are taught to worry, doubt, and fear all the bad in the world. Those bad things can be the most natural part of life and living and if you are focused on the bad how will you ever enjoy the good?

The “Truth” is what you have been separated from. This truth is who you are and what is honestly good for you.  You have been separated from love.

Then the final blow to your soul is the daily experience of worry, doubt, fear, guilt and shame. You have been conditioned to resent and be jealous of others.  This moves us into judgment. Judgment is separation from everything.  If you are feeling alone, sick, and tired look inside yourself and witness the judgment you place on yourself and others.  There you find your answer to why you are alone, sick and tired.  Only use judgment with kindness to find truth.

I have mentioned the 8 demons that separate you from love; worry, doubt, fear, shame, guilt, resentment, jealousy, and judgment.  Are you ready to transform those demons into the angels of love?  You can!  By celebrating your value and worth through validating yourself and the love that you are with loving consciousness.

 “Love is the bridge between you and everything”~ Rumi

This story is about a child who came into the world fearful.  During her birth she struggled to stay in the womb where she felt safe leading to a very difficult birth putting both mother and child struggling for their lives.  Both made it through but a month after the child was brought back to the hospital with pneumonia and put into an incubator for 4 months.

The next stage of trauma for this child was at the age of 7 when her father died.  At this time she didn’t know what it was to grieve and instead went to her heart where she found her father’s love.  As she shared this experience with others she was met with judgment, punishment, and persecution.  She was told to stop fantasizing, was disbelieved, and was told to keep quiet, to not share those kinds of lies.  She shared her experiences that she had with her father who had transitioned and no one believed her. The trauma was not her father’s death; it was the judgment within her environment.

Then came a time when her mother remarried when she was 11 years old.  At 11 she was raped, beaten, and sexually abused and this went on until she was 15.  When it first happened she told the truth but was met with being called a liar and again punished and persecuted.  No one believed her.  Again, the trauma was not the rape it was being disbelieved and punished for what others thought was a lie.

This continued through her life until she was 15.  During this time of abuse she was sick easily and for a short time paralyzed.  She kept the abuse to herself because no one ever believed her except for one person or soul, her father.  Her father’s love is what sustained her through this traumatic time.  This young woman at the age of 16 left home to find herself in the world.  She knew there was love in every moment waiting for her to discover it.  Her father always reminder her of this but being in this earthly world it seemed as if most people denied it.  It was very confusing to her soul.

Now she is woman with children of her own.  She kept her secrets of this love and lived from a place of how others wanted her to live and be.  She never felt like she was who she was meant to be.  And then there came a time when she started exploring and discovered who she really is. Through this wilderness adventure she decided to find out why she had experiences that no one else had.  In order to find out she surrendered to the guidance of love.  This is the divine guidance within all of us.  The more she became self aware, the more she had the knowledge to find out more and then to understand who she is, why she has the experiences that she does and then the more self love filled her with gratitude, happiness, and joy.  And then came the day of Self acceptance!

This woman could not speak to groups of people although she was social she did not feel comfortable with sharing her truth because when she did she was met with judgment and persecution.  This is because she judged herself and persecuted herself for not being like others.  She lived with the thought of being a liar, unbelievable, and she felt she could not be trusted.  This came from the past trauma of her childhood when one of her close friends was raped also.  She blamed herself while keeping her friends at a distance; it was not safe to be with her.

Now she has found peace within herself through surrendering to the divine guidance of her heart.  Learning about this higher consciousness helped her overcome the 8 demons that separated her from love and caused pain and suffering.  She is living her heart’s desire, healthy, happy, whole, and complete even after going through yet another difficult event in her life.

During this hardship she transformed it into a HeartShip.  She changed with ease even during difficult times.  She focused on the love and not the loss.  Most people around her never even knew she had lost everything financially, a foreclosure on her home, and a divorce because she remained happy and grateful for her life.  This event left her homeless and without a penny in the bank or on her being.  She still focused on the love in her life and was given opportunities that were adventurous and exciting.  She saw the awe and wonder of life and the infinite possibilities she had because of love.  If she had focused on what was supposedly bad she may have ended up with an illness, disease, in the hospital or dead.

All she had left was a vehicle, a horse, and a horse trailer.  And then you would think it couldn’t go any deeper into surrendering, her horse died, and then she hit an elk and totaled her car.  She was left with a horse trailer and gave it away to someone who really needed it.  She felt so good to be able to assist and help this person.  She was grateful for being able to help others and realized this lesson gave her the FREEDOM to teach others how to change with ease even during difficult times by learning how to stay connected to loving consciousness.

“When you see the gift in every moment, every moment becomes a gift”
~ Cynthia Gardner O’Neill

This woman is the founder of the Center for Loving Consciousness, Me, Cynthia Gardner O’Neill, the Illuminator of Love.  The illumination I have received through surrendering to love has transformed my life and it will transform you too.

Your state of being, let it Be love.  Love will be your world in every moment helping you experience ease even during difficult times.  Take a wilderness adventure into your heart and discover YOU.  Harmonizing your body, heart, and soul and Be the life YOU LOVE!

The Center for Loving Consciousness is here for you to learn more about who you are; your body, heart, and soul.  To become aware of what it means to be YOU, your S.E.L.F., Source Energy Love Frequency!

Illumination through education will set you free to first know thy S.E.L.F.; self care, self awareness, self forgiveness, self knowledge, self understanding, self acceptance, self love, and self realization.  The wisdom you seek is to know you are love. Take a wilderness adventure into your heart and discover YOU!  This is YOUR adventure of self discovery!

“While most of the adult population reports experiencing personal or emotional problems in the course of a year,about 50% of these people say that they are unable to solve their problems and about one-third state that they are unable to do anything to make their problems more bearable.” ~ IHM

Join me for a higher consciousness education & illuminate the world.  Loving consciousness education for your health, comfort, and joy where science and spirituality are in harmony with you.  This is where your greatest adventure begins!


“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein

Cynthia Gardner O'NeillCynthia Gardner O’Neill – Center for Loving Consciousness & Ultimate Wellness Network dba HeartMonics™ ~ Resolve your problems from a higher consciousness. Get higher consciousness education and illuminate the world.

Loving Consciousness education for your health, comfort, and joy. Harmonizing your body, heart, and soul. This is where science and spirituality are in harmony! Get Loving Consciousness Certified! Just as organically certified food has more nutrition and health benefits, Loving Consciousness Certified education will enhance, nourish, and activate a healthier longer life with a greater quality of living.

Founder of the Center for Loving Consciousness, Cynthia Gardner O’Neill’s service is to revitalize the human spirit with loving consciousness. She has been a wellness educator and provider, illuminating the wellness that flows within humanity through wellness education, spiritual coaching, and intuitive loving services for 30 years.

Cynthia has extensive education, training, and certifications in complementary and alternative medicine. She successfully developed, designed, and directed her own wellness center and a five star spa in Breckenridge, Colorado. She has studied permaculture and sustainable living while living in her own 70 acre ranch and solar home off the grid from 1994 until 2002. She is a flower essence practitioner and teaches about the wildflowers and animal totems in her workshops along with her wilderness outfitting adventures.

Cynthia is the Illuminator of Love, wellness educator and provider, harmonizing facilitator, spiritual coach, wilderness outfitter, intuitive wise woman, minister of love, and lover of life. Cynthia will help you resolve your problems at a higher level of consciousness in which they were created!  Love is a power, not a process.  Harmonize your life with love, love transforms consciousness!

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