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Note: Updates and Changes to this business model are provided below…

Center For Loving Consciousness

Center for Loving Consciousness

A Heart Centered Community, Harmonizing Body, Heart, & Soul

Through Heart Awareness, The Center of Your Wholeness

 “There is love in every authentic creation.  You have a choice in every story you live or write.  Will you focus on its drama, or will you focus on the power that gives it greater meaning?  My purpose is to serve the will of God completely and to fulfill the oneness of that relationship.  My Mission is to teach love and be a living model of how to love God with all one’s heart and others as oneself.  When one’s life is for a purpose, it transcends all stories.” ~ Love Without End, Jesus Speaks

I am fulfilling my purpose every day and the mission continues! ~ Cynthia Gardner O’Neill

“The legacy I would like to leave with this world is the love of one person can changed the lives of many!  

Be the ONE!” – CGO

“Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.” Gandhi

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without charity? In order to have charity, you have to have love because they are the same.

“The American Red Cross was founded after the Civil War by Clara Barton, an army nurse who later led the fight for women’s suffrage, her part of a lifelong battle against ignorance and prejudice.

The year of 1842 appeared in a vision. Dorthea Dix was a lone single woman who did something when she was appalled to see the way the mentally ill were treated on one of her trips to England. “Confined in cages, closets, cellars, stalls, pens… people were chained, naked, beaten with rods, and lashed into obedience.” The mentally ill were thought of as inhuman.

As late as 1815, the citizens of London could pay a penny to tour Bethlehem Hospital and gawk at the seriously mentally ill. Along with the club wielding guards, sightseers considered it great fun to taunt and provoke patients into states of frenzy. Less severely ill patients were dressed in black robes with white stars as a badge of identity and sent into the streets to beg for food. Dorthea Dix fought hard for vocational training of the mentally retarded and did much to ease the plight of the mentally ill along with changing their surroundings and treatment in America.

In 1860 in Illinois, where Jane Addams was born. She became one of the first social workers. In 1889 she moved to the Chicago slums where she opened “The Hull House” for impoverished immigrants. She transformed one of the nation’s notorious ghettos into a community of hopeful, self-motivated citizens. This inspired similar institutions across the country.

Around the same time, in another part of the world, a lone woman by the name of Florence Nightingale changed health care by transforming hospitals into a place to recover and get well, instead of places to die in squalor. At that time nurses were generally thought of as prostitutes and not very well regarded. She left her gentle and wealthy upbringing behind her in order to create change along with controversy.

In 1859, Jean-Henry Dunant was inspired on June 24th when he saw the French and Austrian troops clash at the Battle of Solferino in Italy. He stated, “More than 300,000 men stood facing each other, the battle lines more than five leagues long, and fighting lasting more than fifteen hours.

When the smoke cleared, 39,000 dead and dying bodies littered the battlefield. The wounded were left to fend for themselves, which was the custom of the time.” After doing what he could by soliciting the local townspeople to help the dying in the battle field, he went on and founded The International Red Cross. He later founded the YMCA.

One after another, we are shown a single soul that inspired many throughout all of history to make the world a better place with love and charity.” ~ Linda Forsythe, Mentors Digest

As I always tell my boys, There are a lot of good people in the world, if you can’t find one, be one!

My mission for the Center for Loving Consciousness. A Sustainable well community that grows rapidly one healthy heart at a time with loving consciousness.

 In Loving service,

Cynthia Gardner O’Neill

Seeking Heart Center Dream Team 

The Business Model Presentation was created originally for a group of wise women who are helping to change the world through loving consciousness.  I decided to open the door to others who may be looking for this very opportunity to change the world through loving consciousness. 

Male or Female one can not be with out the other, one compliments the other, and all life comes into balance and harmony.  This is a new higher consciousness, loving consciousness, a heart center community harmonizing body, heart, and soul through heart awareness.  The heart is the center of your wholeness! Love activates life, life is love in action.

One of my focuses for community support will be community wellness.  There are many people who have come to a place where our medical system does not support the healing of the individual.  For many, they would like the opportunity to work with new leading edge science and technology as well as receive spiritual support. 

I will be looking to create opportunities to provide funding/scholarships to help pay for wellness providers that can enhance the life of those who have no where to go or are tired of the sick medical system and insurance roller coaster. 

My goal is to be able to help people with wellness issues (affording wellness care) for a difficult illness or disease, raise money to help pay for medical debt, and loving consciousness wellness education helping individuals out of being co-dependent on the medical system, drugs, addictions, and learn they CAN be responsible for their own wellness. 

Scholarships will be created to help these individuals return to wholeness opening doors to the miracles of life.  Illumination through education is the heart of CFLC, illuminating love activating life.

What is new about this business model upon it’s first conception… New Updates Coming for 2017 

Center for Loving Consciousness will be the subsidiary of a for-profit business, Ultimate Wellness LLC.  Toms Shoes is the business model I will follow in order to create a successful prosperous business funding the non-profit. 

The for-profit, Ultimate Wellness LLC will provide certifications and licensing to wellness providers, spas, and CAM businesses through educational workshops, seminars, online trainings, and coaching enhancing their lives, their clients lives, and their businesses. 

Understanding the power of loving consciousness will transform life.  Harmonize with love, love transforms consciousness.  Love activates life.  See my article, “Healing Powers of Compassion.”

These wellness businesses and providers are open to enhancing their business through love, compassion, and kindness and will be Loving Consciousness Certified.  A license to train others will be the highest level of Loving Consciousness Education.

Loving Consciousness Certified


“Just as organically certified food has more nutrition and health benefits, Loving Consciousness Certified wellness businesses and providers will enhance, nourish, and activate a healthier longer life with a greater quality of living for themselves and their clients.” ~ Cynthia Gardner O’Neill

The ultimate goal is to be global.

***This business model for wellness includes helping our veterans for which this is a huge issues at this time.  I am all about peace, that is what loving consciousness education is all about. I also believe we must create a well system for all because what is hurting within just one person is hurting within the whole of everything!


We can not solve a problem at the level of consciousness in which is was created! ~ Albert Einstein


Veterans healthThe U.S. military budget for this year comes in at a cool $633 billion. By comparison, the United Nations’ peacekeeping budget slides in at $7.8 billion.

So my country will spend 81 times more to wage war than the U.N. will spend to make peace. And I certainly believe results would be stronger if the ratio were reversed. But, hey, who listens to me? ~ Martha Hanlon

“The Obama administration received clear notice more than five years ago that VA medical facilities were reporting inaccurate waiting times and experiencing scheduling failures that threatened to deny veterans timely health care — problems that have turned into a growing scandal.” Quoted from the Washington Times

May 2014, 41 senators voted to block a bill to provide benefits for veterans.




Learn more about your S.E.L.F., Source Energy Love Frequency,

Your own enlightened inner pharmacy.  Love, the activator of life!

When I told you to bless the food that you received into your body it was to help you to understand more fully, that it is LOVE, more than food, which nourishes you.Love Without End, Jesus Speaks


 Center for Loving Consciousness

Scholarship Programs

Loving Consciousness Memberships and Educational Programs will subsidize Center for Loving Consciousness scholarship programs to help individuals needing wellness education, financial help for their wellness, and provide a network of Loving Consciousness Certified Wellness providers to enhance whatever modality you choose to help you return to wholeness.

These programs support your ability to choose the wellness provider fitting with your way of being. This is someone you feel safe, secure, supported and loved by. This will speed up your recovery, enhance your healing, and return you to wholeness. 

Center for Loving Consciousness is providing a Self Insured program to help subsidize paying for the fines imposed upon you for not signing up for Affordable Care Act if you qualify. The payment you are being required to make is being called a tax. This tax does not go to the government or the people. It is being paid to the insurance companies. However, the fines added to your taxes for not joining or signing up for Affordable Care Act do go to the government, the people. This is where the money is needed to support our great country and at the same time you are still going to receive health care at a less expensive rate by paying the fines and it will provide you a choice of wellness providers that may not be covered by the Affordable Care Act .

The Center for Loving Consciousness is creating a way to help those people who are caught in the gap and this maybe YOU. The Self Insured programs also helps people who are healthy enough to continue on that path. By focusing on our wellness instead of thinking that illness and disease is inevitable we CAN create a true Healthy Health Care System.

Center for Loving Consciousness hearts desire is to reward being responsible for your health so we raise the collective consciousness on how to be healthy, whole, and complete. The Health care system we have today is a sick system. In fact, it is created to keep you sick, not well.

Our health care system today wants you to believe that chronic illness, cancer, and disease is inevitable. You are being separated from the truth, the truth that you are already healthy, whole, and complete. Loving Consciousness Education will illuminate this truth as you take a wilderness adventure into your heart and discover YOU!

“A man who believes in illness will spend all of his life trying to stay well”

 ~ Love Without End, Jesus Speaks


The Center for Loving Consciousness is the core of a local community HeartShip Project.  A comfortable cabin with 7 bedrooms and 7 bath on Needle Rock Rd. is now available  for the leading edge wellness services, education, and the natural environment for enhancing healing.  Science has proven over and over again that the healing powers of nature is the perfect remedy for wellness along with HeartMonics™ Harmonize Life courses, certification, and licensing with loving consciousness.

The Center for Loving Consciousness will be participating with GreenSurance (Soon to Be AlternaCare), Crowfunding Opportunities, and BEMER in-home medical device to Self Insure Your Health.

“Breathe deep into your heart and love yourself more today than you did yesterday.” ~ Cynthia Gardner O’Neill

Contact Me: Feedback and Dream Team Application Welcome!