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Healing Powers of Compassion

Healing Powers of Compassion Compassion is Loving Consciousness I have been researching, what is it that keeps all things youthful, vibrant, healthy, whole and complete? The answer is LOVE, Kindness, and Compassion for all things. Science has even determined the healing powers of compassion can add years of quality living to your life. Tibetan Monks […]


See The Gift in Every Moment; Loving Consciousness

Loving Consciousness See The Gift in Every Moment When you begin to move into releasing the thoughts and truths of others and standby your own, there comes a time when you say, “I do not care what other people think of me.”  This carries a heavy load.   The human heart is a caring heart […]


Judgment, A Purpose for Finding Truth

Judgment, A Purpose for Finding Truth   As the light comes pouring into my life I recognize many changes that need to be made in life. The Earth and all things are moving into a higher consciousness. How we define life today and the words we use is different. One word and experience that I […]