Light Shall Set You Free

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The Light Shall Set You Free

The day I discovered this book, The Light Shall Set You Free, was the day I discovered my purpose, illumination through education.  I had an experience with the light for as long as I can remember in ways that n

Light Shall Set You Free

o one else has because no one every has the same experience ever.  Just because you haven’t had my experience doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.  We barely experience 1% of what is.  The other 99% is unknown.  For me this is infinite potential.  I live in innocent perception of the aw and wonder of life!  Life is love in action.

Back in the beginning of 2010 I discovered this book.  The follow recordings were made to introduce you to “The Light Shall Set You Free” and my story back in 2010. The introduction includes my story and the rest of the recordings are from the chapter on the fifth dimension.  Enjoy! 

My Intro to The Light Shall Set You Free and Chapter Fifth Dimension:


I highly recommend this book.  May the light set you free!

In Loving Service,

Cynthia Gardner O’Neill

Director of Center for Loving Consciousness

Illuminator of Love | Illumination through Education 

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