Loving Consciousness Education

This page will provide Loving Consciousness Education, Loveucation.  Starting with David Wilcox, “The Source Field Investigations”.  The main perception that I am encouraging is the Loving Consciousness.  Use discernment, not judgment, when viewing that which you have no consciousness of. 

You may have felt this as I have for many years yet I have been unable to express in words what I am experiencing.  It is important to listen to your own knowing.  Most of the time we are taking on other peoples opinions, perceptions, and fears.  This information has problably been right in front of you, you just can’t see it because of the interferance of others, conditioning, and old generational beliefs.  In order to experience source field energy, loving consciousness, we have to be in it until we can see, feel, hear, touch, and taste it.  Our senses are a bridge to our soul! 

There is a lot of interferance in knowing this loving consciousness.  When you go into the wilderness within you, that unknown place, where you have been conditioned to feel quilty for even thinking you are a part of something greater you will return to love.  Returning to love will return you to wholeness.  You are healthy, whole, and complete.  Be the love that you are! 

When you watch this movie you will understand why this is so important to loving consciousness.  David speaks about, “The Meditation Effect”, this information will support you to understanding how we have an affect on human consciousness.  Human transformation arises out of the transformation of individuals and those how are in loving consciousness!



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Blog Talk Radio provides immediate connections with Loving Consciousness Educators such as Julie Umpleby. 

Join Julie each Tuesday as she shares immense information on the Diamond Light Grid, as it applies to advanced consciousness, connecting to the soul and your life purpose. Find out what you can do to develop your personal diamond, as well as assisting others and in turn the entire planet with the radiant energy of the diamond!  For more information:  Diamond Light World, The Jewel Network

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