Love Gateway

This Page is Dedicated to

The Love Gateways

Today, 11:11:11 I am being guided to create this page to open more gates to Loving Consciousness.  I have surrendered to love.  This has happened with grace and ease.  How?  By surrounding myself with love and being love.

I encourage all of you to take a look into yourself and your environment to see what is in your life that supports you in loving consciousness.  The most valuable assets that we have is that which we love.

If you are struggling right now because of financial hardship or health issues, relieve the pain and stress by flooding yourself with self love.  Love transforms consciousness.  Love can change your DNA.  Yes, this is true!  I will provide you with science for the soul in my page called “Loveucation”.  There is science to comfirm this statement.

Love carries a frequency of peace, balance, and harmony.  This is the medicine for the soul.  Your physical body is an expression of your souls longing.  Love transform consciousness therefore transforming your physical body to a healthier state of being.

Love is an anti-inflammatory.  It will take you from “Stress-Mode” to “Harmony-Mode” instantaneously.