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Are You Ready…..

To Come Together to Co-Create A World United In Its Determination to Achieve Peace, Health, Comfort, Joy, and Discover the Unity that is Basic to All Things?

Loving Insight Your HeartLoving Insight, Your Hearts Wisdom

All Things You Desire

to Experience in Your World Outside of You

Must First Be Within YOU!

Hello My Divine Friends.  Thank you for being here receiving loving insight helping you discover the wisdom of your heart, the wisdom of your soul.  Your heart is the translator between Soul and Body.  If the Soul is unable to communicate its wisdom through your heart because you are in your head, it will get your attention by communicating discordance within your heart and the body will become the expression of this discordance.  Hence, pain, disease, illness, discomfort, and yes, discordance. 

Inner transformation begins with Loving Insight, the holy wisdom within you.  It is there waiting for you to reunite with the love that is YOU.  Transformation will not, can not, and does not happen outside of yourself until you transform the inside of yourself. 

Many People are speaking about evolving into the 5th Dimension and beyond.  This happens for you when you take responsibility for your own transformation.  This takes “Insight”, seeing within and realizing (with real eyes) your own knowing, wisdom, and understanding.  This insight, inner wisdom will reunite you with the unity and oneness of all things.

The higher dimensions have always been there.  It is You who must change/transform first and then higher consciousness helps you see and experience the higher plans.  Difficult situations, stress, pain, and other forms of discomfort is the soul asking you to go within and listen to the wisdom of your heart.  It is asking you to change and transform what you have been BEING.  What this means is; Are you Being who you are here to BE?  If you are not, your body will most surely tell you so.

This transformation also will do the same for your DNA.  Your DNA will not change and transform until transformation happens from within your heart! 

Did you know the only reason you are here is because of relationships.  Without a relationship nothing could create and love is what activates relationship.  Everything is in relationship.  I like to call it HEARTSHIP!  Everything you relate to will transform because of your own transformation from within.

One of my biggest A HA moments was when I was going through my greatest challenge of my adult life.  This challenge was becoming who I am in this world today, MY TRUTH!  I am here to become the life I love and to help others do the same.  This A HA moment was when I was speaking with a friend and telling him how frustrated I was because of the knowledge I had could heal and help so many people yet no one was open to receiving what I soul desperately wanted to give.  That was the problem, I was attached to how people received. 

I did not realize this until my divine friend said to me, “Not to many people know this but I was in jail for a little while and while I was there I only had one thing to read.  It was a Bible.  There was some very profound words within the Bible and I’m going to share with you something that will help you BE who you are and allow others to BE who they are.  Let me paraphrase what Jesus said, If your words fall on deaf ears move on!”

I am here to become the life I Love and to help others to do the same.  This begins when you first know thyself. As Glenda Green has said “Life is Love in Action.”

BE THE LIFE YOU LOVE!  You are life, You are living, You are Love, So BE LOVE.  The power you have is to transform YOURSELF, S.E.L.F., Source Energy Love Frequency within YOU.  My Belief is to Belife as the BeLoved!

Come join me at the Center for Loving Consciousness where higher consciousness education illuminates your world so that you can BE the Life YOU Love and then you will BE the light of the world.

In Loving Service,

Cynthia Gardner O’Neill – Illuminator of Love | Illumination through Education


 Charitable Programs

The Loving Consciousness Educational Programs will go towards subsidizing Center for Loving Consciousness 501c3 funding/scholarship programs to help individuals needing wellness education, financial help for their wellness, and provide a network of Loving Consciousness Certified Wellness providers to enhance whatever modality you choose to help you return to wholeness.  These programs support your ability to choose the wellness provider fitting with your way of being.  This is someone you feel safe, secure, supported and loved by.  This will speed up your recovery, enhance your healing, and return you to wholeness.

Center for Loving Consciousness is providing a Self Insured program to help subsidize paying for the fines imposed upon you for not signing up for Affordable Care Act if you qualify.   The payment you are being required to make is being called a tax.  This tax does not go to the government or the people.  It is being paid to the insurance companies.  However, the fines added to your taxes for not joining or signing up for the Affordable Care Act do go to the government, the people.  That is where the money is needed to support our great country and at the same time you are still going to receive health care by paying the fines and it will provide you a choice of wellness providers that may not be covered by the Affordable Care Act .  The Center for Loving Consciousness is creating a way to help those people who are caught in the gap and this maybe YOU.

The Self Insured programs also help people who are healthy enough to continue on that path.  By focusing on our wellness instead of thinking that illness and disease is inevitable we CAN create a true Healthy Health Care System.  Center for Loving Consciousness hearts desire is to reward being responsible for your health so we raise the collective consciousness on how to do be healthy, whole, and complete.

The Health care system we have today is a sick system.  In fact, it is created to keep you sick, not well.  Our health care system today wants you to believe that chronic illness, cancer, and disease is inevitable.  You are being separated from the truth, the truth that you are already healthy, whole, and complete.  Loving Consciousness Education will illuminate this truth as you take a wilderness adventure into your heart and discover YOU!

“A man who believes in illness will spend all of his life trying to stay well”

~ Love Without End, Jesus Speaks

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