Loving Service

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How Can I Be of Loving Service To YOU?

Center for Loving Consciousness

Be patient, Be kind, Be compassionate, and most of all Be LOVE!

I AM preparing for a new program of illumination…

What is it?  



Welcome to “The School of Love”

Loving Consciousness Education

Illumination through Education Programs:


Loving Consciousness Foundation for a healthy life

  1. S.E.L.F. Care For Self Insurance E-Course – How to Self Insure your health and stop being co-dependent on the medical roller coaster, drugs, addictions, and the government.  Return to wholeness through your love.
  2. Illumination through Education Webinar Series: Wisdom of my Heart, Wisdom of my Body, Wisdom of my Soul. The wisdom you seek is to know you are love!
  3. First Know Thy S.E.L.F. Program for Ultimate Wellness – Education for your Body, Heart, and Soul. Understanding Thy S.E.L.F., Source Energy Love Frequency. The wisdom You seek is to know you are love!
  4. S.E.L.F. Wellness Coaching Program – A series of 8 modules taking you from surviving to thriving and Being the life YOU Love! Discover your own enlightened inner pharmacy.  This includes all of the above programs, memberships.


Loving Consciousness Certified

  1. Loving Consciousness Certification Program – There are 2 programs one for the individual and a program specifically designed for Wellness providers. The wellness provider program includes additional modules on “How to Harmonize Your Business” on & offline and Be the business you love. This includes all levels of Illumination through Education programs and memberships as well as the grand finally Loving Consciousness Certification!
  2. Loving Consciousness Licensing Program:  Become an illuminator of love and illuminate others through loving consciousness education.  You are the light of the world.  Be the light like only you can and teach others how to do the same.



Wild Wilderness Adventures & Loving Ministry

Love is the Remedy for Wellness 


Wild Wilderness Adventure Retreats

Loving Consciousness Retreats with Nature

Wilderness Horseback and Hiking Retreats:  Take a wilderness adventure into your heart and discover YOU! Nature’s love is a remedy for wellness! Return to wholeness and release all that inter-fears with who you ARE!  Imagine summer time in the Rocky’s, the West Elk Wilderness in Colorado.   Sign up today for your summer adventure here.


Wilderness WeddingsMinistry of Love

Please check out Loving Ministry, “Be the life you love”, weddings, celebrations of life, baptism, and Being the Love YOU ARE!

Come together in community joining in Christ Blessings every Sunday with Glenda Green.


Wellness Retreats:

Intimacy S.E.L.F. Wellness Retreat: Intimacy with yourself is about seeing within… In to me I see… Intimacy…S.E.L.F. is about your Source Energy Love Frequency, your powerful commanding heart energy, the signature sound of you.  Your intimacy with your S.E.L.F. ignites your enlighten inner pharmacy. Your inner pharmacy is your natural state of being harmonizing your body, heart, and soul returning you to wholeness.

This is a very intimate group of people ready to take a wilderness adventure into your hearts to discover YOU!  All of the retreats are for (even wilderness horseback and hiking retreats) 4-6 people.  It will be held at a quaint cabin in beautiful Colorado.  Nature and love is the remedy for wellness.  The retreats are:

  1. Couples: 2-3 couples coming together to experience themselves for who they are.  This means each individual learning how to be their own divine partner and how that elevates your partnership.  You will learn how to communicate from your heart using consciousness language.  This will teach you how to serve yourself while supporting the whole of your relationship bringing you to a place of unconditional love.
  2. Mother/Daughter – Mother/Son – Father/Daughter – Father/Son: This retreat is similiar to the Couples although we will be focusing on removing the judgment of what it is to be a parent and a child.  To open your hearts to embracing the innocent perception in the parent and honoring the innocent perception of the child.  Helping parents lovingly releasing their children to be who they are meant to be in this world.  Also, allowing the parent to be free to release their fears of right, wrong, choices, trust, and understanding the wisdom of the heart.  You will also learn how to communicate from your heart using consciousness language.
  3. Women only – Men only – Both Men and Women:  Includes all of the above with yourself and understanding how you can release yourself from having to be what others want or need.  This lets you find your own true self and sets you free to BE THE LIFE YOU LOVE!
  4. Customize Your Group:  Includes all of the above as well as:  Chemo recovery, heart health, spiritual wellness, and helping to bring loving consciousness back into your world.  Love is a power not a process.  Love is the core of natures healing properties.

Included in Retreat:

***Hikes, horseback rides, flower essence workshop, animal totem workshop.  All important to helping you become more self aware leading to self knowledge, self understanding, self accepting, and self love.

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Get Comfy on the

“Love Seat”


The Love Seat

Love Seat Connection

The School of Love: S.E.L.F. Care for Ultimate Wellness MembershipA membership area providing illumination through education giving you back the power to Self Insure your health, wellness, and well-being through love.  In the presence of love, a natural rebalance occurs.

The membership includes weekly S.E.L.F. Wellness Group Coaching Calls, S.E.L.F. the Source Energy Love Frequency within YOU. Get comfy in the “Love Seat”. Harmonize with Love, Love transforms consciousness. Love is the remedy for wellness, your true nature!

Who is ready to reunite with the love that you are? Breath deep into your heart and love yourself more today than you did yesterday, join me in the “Love Seat” and open your heart today!

All “Illumination through Education” programs receive group coaching calls, an opportunity to join me on a weekly “Love Seat” so you can share your hearts desires. I will be of loving service to help you illuminate your heart, renew your body, and revitalize your soul! Your only a heart beat away from a healthier happier life with a greater quality of living, harmonizing your life and becoming the life you love.

Sign up for the weekly heart to heart wellness call and get comfy in the “Love Seat” providing loving service from myself and participants on the call. I always will be adding new educational articles and higher consciousness to the Loving Consciousness website. Until then, Be love, because you ARE!

The “Love Seat” is  provided by the Center for Loving Consciousness to help you Be the Life You Love!

Your Host: Cynthia Gardner O’Neill
Illuminator of Love | Illumination through Education

Learn how to release pain, suffering, and judgment; strengthen coping abilities allowing you to change with ease even during difficult times.  This helps you to be ultimate wellness and become the life you love. Illuminate your heart, renew your body, and revitalize your soul for a healthier happier life with a greater quality of living!

The “Love Seat” is a heart centered community where individuals come together to support loving consciousness through developing more meaningful communication with yourself, those you love and those you work with. This communication is the language of the heart, Love , the multi-universal language of life.

It’s time to get out of your head and into your heart.  Take a wilderness adventure into your heart and discover YOU!

Listen in to the Introductory Call on the “Love Seat”.  Loving Consciousness is only a click away..

In Loving Service,

Cynthia Gardner O’Neill – Illuminator of Love | Illumination through Education

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