Separation vs Oneness

Love Without Limits!

Separation vs Oneness

We are beginning to experience more oneness in this world.  This comes from loving consciousness.  

A question that has influenced my research towards more loving consciousness is, “What keeps us in separation?”  The soul truth that flows within me is the history of the victim and judgement of others.

In history we have more deaths due to humans killing each other over difference then any illness or disease put together.  The next step is claiming the victim role.  Examples of this go back in time and space.  Some of these historic traumas that I am familiar with are, Hitler and the Jews, Slavery, all war, and America’s 9/11.  I must mention mother natures trauma’s also, Katrina, Haiti, Japan, and then trauma’s done unto mother nature, oil spills, nuclear waste, fossil fuels, and devastation of our natural resources, mother natures abundance gifts of love.

As long as we separate ourselves and say this was done unto me, us, or them we will continue down the path of separation.  In the oneness these trauma’s are done unto everyone and everything.  We all share the same source field, loving consciousness.

In Loving Service,

Cynthia Gardner O’Neill

P.S.  To support your loving consciousness education I encourage you to read, “The Source Field Investigation, The Hidden Science and Lost Civilization Behind 2012 Prophecies” by David Wilcox