Suffering and Loving Consciousness

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Links from Video: Adrian Cooper – “Our Ultimate Reality”

Changing With Ease

Even During Difficult Times

(No Suffering Necessary)

This video is from a workshop in January of 2012.  It was a presentation on the “Nature of Things to Come”.  I speak about suffering and within this video you find a humorous old video about suffering as you listen and watch.  This video is loaded with supportive information about how to change with ease even during difficult times.

Also, I wrote a book “Changing With Ease Even During Difficult Times”.  I will be releasing a new chapter every month within my membership site, The School of Love: S.E.L.F. Care for Ultimate Wellness MembershipA membership area providing illumination through education giving you back the power to Self Insure your health, wellness, and well-being through love.  In the presence of love, a natural rebalance occurs.  Release and set yourself free from being co-dependent on our health care system, government, insurance, as well as addictions separating you from love.

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Go here to get the first chapter of Changing With Ease Even during Difficult times…

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