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How Do You Perceive Life?

How do you perceive life? How do you perceive other people? How do you perceive yourself? However you perceive life increase the dose of love! This creates more harmony in your life and your experiences with all your relationships. Open your heart, open your mind to new friendships. Life is telling you… You CAN do […]


Demon of Doubt

Demon of Doubt The First of 8 Demons Separating You from Love [ez_date] Who are you? “Descartes” asked himself this question.  He doubted everything and through his doubt he realized his existence.  “I think; therefore I AM.” or “Cogito, ergosum”. Do you doubt yourself?  Do you doubt your very existence?  Self doubt can be a […]


State of Your Being, Let it Be Love!

 The State of Your Being Let it Be LOVE! A Loving Gift to You My Divine Friends! Pray LOVE Every Day The Love will Increase Expansively Humanity is Motivated by Love! [ez_viral_download] [display_podcast] Loving Consciousness Expand Love, Pray Love, Share Love, Be Love! The State of Your Being Let it Be Love!   The Center […]