The Love Seat

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Welcome to “The School of Love”

“Love creates all life through its desire for experience”

~ Glenda Green, The Keys of Jeshua

Increase dose of love

There is no education more nourishing than LOVE.  My mentor Glenda Green and Jeshua have said, “Love, which is fundamental, is teaching us compassion through experience.  There is nothing more important than to nurture the love that you are and to assist others in doing the same.  As you do, the natural love that you are will grow into values that support the love of others.  This is the basis of community.”

What is the “Love Seat”?

The “Love Seat” is  provided by the Center for Loving Consciousness to help you Be the Life You Love!

Your Host: Cynthia Gardner O’Neill
Illuminator of Love | Illumination through Education

Learn how to release pain, suffering, and judgment; strengthen coping abilities allowing you to change with ease even during difficult times.  This helps you to be ultimate wellness and become the life you love. Illuminate your heart, renew your body, and revitalize your soul for a healthier happier life with a greater quality of living!

The “Love Seat” is a heart centered community where individuals come together to support loving consciousness through developing more meaningful communication with yourself, those you love and those you work with. This communication is the language of the heart, Love , the multi-universal language of life. It’s time to get out of your head and into your heart.  Take a wilderness adventure into your heart and discover YOU!

  • Release pain, suffering, and judgment; strengthen coping abilities allowing you change with ease even during difficult times.
  • Make wiser decisions and choices leading to better health helping you feel more alive and in touch with your values, creativity, goals and your dreams.
  • Accelerate any healing process returning you to wholeness experiencing inner peace, self knowledge, self awareness, self understanding, self worth, self value, self acceptance, and self love.
  • Enhance and harmonize your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness, returning you to wholeness.
  • Become more flexible and adaptable creating a healthier happier life with a greater quality of living.
  • More understanding of who you are, what your truth is, and what is your “To Be List”
  • Assist you to Be the love you are and to Be the Life You Love. 

The “Love Seat” is every Wednesday at 12:00pm MST, brought to you from the higher elevation of Colorado.  Get comfy on the “Love Seat” and join our community today!

“What you nourish now will be your future, your community, and the pathway for your own return sustenance and fulfillment.” ~ Glenda Green, The Keys of Jeshua


Get Comfy on the

“Love Seat”

The Live Calls

Begin Again November 2014

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The School of Love: S.E.L.F. Care for Ultimate Wellness Membership – A membership area providing illumination through education giving you back the power to Self Insure your health, wellness, and well-being through love.  In the presence of love, a natural rebalance occurs.

This membership includes S.E.L.F. Wellness coaching calls,“Love Seat”, S.E.L.F. the Source Energy Love Frequency within YOU. Get comfy in the “Love Seat”. Harmonize with Love, Love transforms consciousness. Love is the remedy for wellness, your true nature!

Who is ready to reunite with the love that you are? Breath deep into your heart and love yourself more today than you did yesterday, join me in the “Love Seat” and open your heart today!

All “Illumination through Education” programs receive group coaching calls, an opportunity to join me on a weekly “Love Seat” so you can share your hearts desires. I will be of loving service to help you illuminate your heart, renew your body, and revitalize your soul! Your only a heart beat away from a healthier happier life with a greater quality of living, harmonizing your life and becoming the life you love.

Sign up for the weekly heart to heart wellness call and get comfy in the “Love Seat” providing loving service from myself and participants on the call. I always will be adding new educational articles and higher consciousness to the Loving Consciousness website. Until then, Be love, because you ARE!

Listen in to the Introductory Call on the “Love Seat”.  Loving Consciousness is only a click away..

03/02/14  Love Seat:  Suffering and BlessingsThis call is about “Suffering and Blessings”.  The pdf is the story I shared about the “Triumphant Butterfly” from “The Key’s of Jeshua” by Glenda Green


You will find all the recordings and resources on the “Love Seat” access page as well as a podcast page for your pc, mac, and mobile devises in your membership area.  You are only a heart beat away from being the life you love!

I gave a lecture back in 2012 about the “Nature of Things to Come”.  This is the link to one of my videos in the series, “Nature of Things to Come”, Suffering and Loving Consciousness.  There is a wonderful old video about 18 minutes in that will certainly make you laugh!





“Love Seat”

Get Comfy in the “Love Seat”. Open your heart today… Take a wilderness adventure into your heart and discover YOU, Your S.E.L.F., Source Energy Love Frequency. Harmonize your life with love and Be the Life YOU Love today!

The “Love Seat” will begin in lecture mode and then open up to participation from what is desiring to be share from your heart.   My first 2 months of the “Love Seat” will be about the 8 demons that separate you from love and how you can reunite with your heart helping you to be more unconditional with yourself and others. In the presence of Love, a natural re-balancing occurs.

Here is what to expect in the next 8 weeks:

1. Doubt – Does doubt limit you to the possibilities? Why is doubt a part of life and how can it be a blessing in disguise?

2. Worry – Worry is an illusion aging you and causing sorrow and pain. What will help you take worry and change it into Wonderful?

3. Shame – Shame depletes our very being. How can shame be a catalyst to super confidence?

4. Guilt – Are you always feeling sorry, finding yourself saying your sorry even when there is nothing to be sorry for? Learn how to transform sorrow, the I’m sorry’s, into loving service.

5. Jealousy – Do you covet what others have? Where can you find your own treasure inside of you so that you know that your contribution to this world is of great value and there is nothing more valuable in this world than YOU?

6. Resentment – Resentment is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die. Remember what you give you get back. Revenge will not restore peace. Can it be forgiveness of another restores the truth of one’s own being and can forgiveness lead to freedom?

7. Fear – Where is fear harmful and helpful? Can you transform fear into faith?

8. Judgment – Does judgment separate you from love and limit you to the infinite possibilities to being the life you love. Learn to judge with kindness to find truth and then you will recognize your compassion!  Judgment is what creates fear!

Get Comfy on the “Love Seat” and Be the Life YOU Love! Come join me in a “Heart to Heart” Chat and let us illuminate the world together!   I will be posting an article to support each weeks subject. That means March 19 I will be starting with “The Demon of Doubt”!


In Loving Service,

Cynthia Gardner O’Neill – Illuminator of Love | Illumination through Education

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